Top 5 Best Virtual Meeting Apps 2021

Top 5 Best Virtual Meeting Apps 2021

During times of pandemic, you might be postponing the plans for travelling to your office. Or there might be training going on in your office that requires a virtual meeting. At times like these, many employees prefer to work from a remote location. There can be plenty of benefits of doing work remotely. So, having a top-class virtual meeting system matters the most.

Top 5 Best Virtual Meeting Apps 2021

Today, virtual meeting apps are evolving as online teamwork and face-to-face meetings occur on the web. This trend will continue to increase until travelling becomes safer. To assist you in finding out the best service, we are reviewing 5 top virtual meeting programs.

1. VoIP Business

VoIP Business Meetings is an awesome VoIP virtual meeting platform that works from the cloud. They are known for offering quality services to their clients. Their high-tech virtual meeting software has plenty of features. That enhances the way your employees communicate in the office with top-notch technology.

Their virtual meetings apps help their clients grow their business quickly and easily without installing any complex hardware or software. Also, their video conferencing software offers the best connectivity as compared to all their competitors. They are famous for providing state-of-the-art virtual meetings features.

One of these facilities is the remote access web. Their video conferencing technology is developed according to the highest standards of the VoIP industry. So you can enjoy smooth, world-class video calling with their virtual meeting platform. Their software is easy to install, and you don’t have to go through the complicated process of setting it up. The video conferencing app facilitates its clients to conduct face-to-face meetings with top-quality audio and video clarity. In addition, their virtual meeting app provides screen and file-sharing capabilities.


The premium service is offered at £7.99/user for a month.It provides 1 UK number with an entire collection of VoIP Business features. Moreover, it facilitates the end-users in carrying out unlimited incoming and outgoing UK calls.

Also, the VoIP Business service enables their clients to make international calls starting from 3p/min. It also gives an SMS option that is 4p/message. Additionally, there is no activation payment.


  • The VoIP video conference is one of those virtual meeting apps that simplifies remote work.
  • Their virtual meeting program is portable. That means you can work with it at any location if you have internet access.
  • It can assist your employees in doing their job to the best of their abilities by participating in online meetings.
  • The virtual meeting app works smoothly. Your employees can participate in meetings in advance, and they can keep themselves streamlined.
  • It also provides an in app messaging feature.


  • The VoIP Business operates on a stable web connection to conduct a video call. 
  • The video meeting relies on the bandwidth of the web service. That can change according to the traffic levels on the internet or any streaming and file sharing.

2. Skype

Skype is a virtual meeting platform that facilitates the users to carry out the HD video and audio calls by various devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and Alexa. In addition, end-users can reach out to other Skype contacts free of cost, or they may call national or international numbers at a very low price.

Skype is equipped with top-notch communication facilities that consist of group video conferencing and screen sharing. It also provides instant messaging and file sharing facilities. Most of the features are free to use, but it also provides some paid features that consist of Skype-to-phone call plans.

Microsoft bought the company in 2011. So, Skype is one of the top virtual meeting apps that has received plenty of redesigns and features updates.


You can subscribe to Skype with a monthly calling plan that provides unlimited or minute-wise calls to landlines.

The Skype’s paid plan’s price range from $5 per user/month to up to $20 per user/month


  • Feature-rich communication app with audio, video calling and text messaging.
  • Free of cost calls within Skype


Video and audio calling quality relies on the web connection. SMS messages are not delivered on Skype (you can only send outgoing messages.)

3. Zoom meetings

Zoom has become quite popular because it is the best choice for people who want to communicate with virtual meeting apps both for official and personal use. Zoom is used by the majority of people who work from home.  The company’s leading software known as Zoom Meetings, commonly abbreviated as Zoom, is excellent for virtual meetings. It has a great set of features consisting of high definition or HD video and audio options. It also provides a facility for receiving typed transcripts for calls that are previously saved as videos. This feature is provided to the paid members. The app is built to assist people who make calls less regularly, and it also helps the remote teams who communicate every day.


Small companies and clients who want extra features can enjoy paid plans. It offers competitive rates starting from $14.99 per month.


  • There are plenty of features in a free plan.
  • They provide paid plans at competitive market prices.
  • Top-class performance.
  • They offer excellent facilities for the hosts and individuals who join meetings.
  • Convenient to utilise.
  • They have an excellent reputation for fast customer assistance.


  • There are no toll-free dial-in numbers provided for the US and UK clients.
  • You cannot enter details or meeting outlines when inviting from the app.

There is a mediocre track record of the virtual meeting platform owner’s privacy and security management initiative.

4. Google Meet

Google Meet is an updated variant of the freeware Hangouts program by Google. It is created for accommodating business processes like webinars and virtual meetings.

With the help of Google Meet, you can carry out video conferences with up to one hundred and fifty people according to the service plan you have chosen. The service consists of beneficial facilities like screen sharing, recording options and the feature for connecting to a video meeting with a phone.

To understand how these features stack up, a closer look at “google meet vs hangouts” can provide further insights.


Business plan

Price: $12 per user for every month.

Programs: It includes all the basic plan features and a cloud search that facilitates all the end-users to perform a search throughout the G Suite programs.

Participants capacity: People who can participate in Hangouts Meet: 150

Cloud Storage space: Unlimited or One Terabyte for each user if there are less than five users.

Support: 24/7 via phone, email and web.


  • One of the best benefits of Google Meet is the extra programs that are available with it. You can work with the entire collection of G Suite programs with a high-tech virtual meeting service. It provides a great set of programs to all the companies that utilise this virtual meeting platform. The companies working with G Suite can save on expenses because they do not have to invest in an alternate virtual meeting service.
  • Price is another perk of the service. You only have to spend $6 for a virtual meeting service that is affordable than the other service providers. So, it is an advisable option for companies that don’t want to spend too much money on VoIP apps.


  • You can only operate Meet with the Google Chrome web browser. That is not a big hurdle, but it can be a bit of an issue for those new to the service. Moreover, it may lead to delays for individuals who are learning to work with it. But these are minor aspects that can be easily managed by downloading and installing Google Chrome.
  • One more con is that Google Meet does not provide a few of the helpful facilities that other programs offer. For instance, whiteboard tools together with poll-and-survey features.

5. Teamviewer

Teamviewer is a unique program for remote desktop connectivity. It has also launched one of the amazing virtual meeting apps that can run on several operating systems.


One User:

One seat, one session with a Business Licence.

A single licensed end-user can start device linking for one session at a given time.

US $23.90 /month. Prices are charged yearly.


Multiple seats, one remote session with a Premium License.

That consists of 15 licensed end-users, facilitating one user to create one remote session at a given time.

US$47.90 /month

Prices for each month are charged yearly.

For Teams:

Several seats, three remote sessions with a corporate license

It consists of 30 licensed end-users, facilitating three end-users to create one remote session at a given time.

US$93.90 /month


  • Teamviewer is a virtual meeting platform that has high-security levels. You can set up a TeamViewer account within a company by link which ensures that no unauthorised guests are joining the TeamViewer meeting. That is the best possible security option available.
  • Teamviewer facilitates convenient screen-sharing and recording facilities because their program is optimised in this way. It also enables easy file-sharing and connectivity between operating systems.


  • Teamviewer is not installed on the cloud. You must download and install its virtual meeting program.


  • The service providers also do not sell any mobile app for this virtual meeting platform. You must make an account with the program and download the app on your PC. It takes a few minutes to set up the entire software and join the meeting. That makes it a bit difficult for the new users to participate in the meeting.


  • Only ten to twenty-five participants might connect to a virtual meeting call.
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