Guide to Port Virtual Landline Number to Mobile

virtual landline number to mobile

Every small business owner knows how hard it is to form trust with the customer base and build a reputation. And the Virtual landline number is a vital part of any brand. Customers get accustomed to it and it’s added to all the marketing material. It is the key to getting new customers and sales success. Also, a virtual landline number is a mean to contact prospects and clients. Hence, you always have to be accessible and your phone number, if possible, remains the same.

However, being tied to a traditional landline phone is a pain and it appears unprofessional to call customers from personal mobile phones. Also, the amount of phone bills that rack up with traditional carrier-based phone calls is usually huge. Porting your business phone number to a mobile phone through a virtual landline provider can give you great flexibility to return calls on the move and still maintain professionalism. In this article, we are going to guide you on how you can port your virtual number to your mobile phone.

What is Virtual Phone Number Porting?

Most people port their phone number from one mobile provider to another while switching phone contracts. Porting a phone number allows you to keep the same phone number when you want to switch to a different mobile phone company or handset. It can actually save your time and stress since you don’t have to change your phone number which you have registered with a different account. Porting a business phone number to a mobile phone is a similar concept. All you have to do is transfer a number from your current service provider to a new provider.

How long it takes to port a virtual landline number?

Generally, the process of number porting is pretty quick. However, it can sometimes take a few days or weeks for the number to be ported. It is usually a smart idea to buy a virtual phone number while you wait for the number to be ported.


Guide to Port a Virtual Landline Number to a Mobile Phone?


  • DON’T Cancel Your Current Service before Porting Number: you shouldn’t cancel your existing service till your phone number has been ported or you will risk losing your phone number. Also, you will need a period when none of your prospects or customers can contact you. If there are any technical problems then it can take days or maybe weeks, which would mean lost business.
  • Contact Your Existing Service Provider: if you want to transfer your business landline phone number to a mobile phone then contact your existing landline phone provider to assess the terms of your agreement. Some providers might add extra fees for this porting and you might have to pay charges for early contract termination. Providers legally have to allow number porting; however, you need to honour all the payments you committed to first. If you pay for your telephone line as part of a service package with internet, television or other services then you must change your package or service provider before porting your phone number.
  • Look for the right Virtual Landline Provider: VoIP business has reinvented small business communications. They have an expert team continuously developing offers to ensure they provide the best communication solutions possible at a reasonable cost. The VoIP Business works as your business telephone system across all mobile phone carriers and Wi-Fi. If you want to get a new number then they offer a range of UK area codes like London Area Codes. You can work through the app regardless of where you go and which device you use. Whenever you purchase a plan from them you can choose to get a new number or port your old number. Their sign up process is easy and quick. Your customers wouldn’t feel any difference. If you want to port your existing number to a virtual one then the number will appear same to your customers, meaning no lost business and no need to spend time updating your company security like web copy, business cards or marketing literature.
  • Provide Information Needed for Porting Number: If you decide to port your phone number then a virtual number provider will need some information to authorise the transfer. The information usually includes your existing service provider’s name and some proof that the phone number actually belongs to you.
  • Customise Your Phone Service: Virtual service providers offer a range of advanced business benefits through services like team lines and call queues. You need to explore the choices available to get the most out of our new phone services. It is just as simple as that. Porting a virtual landline phone number to a mobile phone is usually an easy and quick way to do better business


Advantages of porting your number to the Virtual Landline service provider:  


  1. Saves you Money: By porting your phone number to a cloud connection you no longer depend on a physical address and you do not need to pay for a costly phone line or have a fixed long term contract. With Virtual phone services, you get the flexibility of monthly subscriptions; this means you can leave if you don’t like the service without having to pay a penalty.
  2. Flexibility and Mobility: With a cloud-based VoIP Phone System you can easily transfer your current phone number to the cloud, this means that your telephone number stays with you anywhere, anytime. This way you can call from any place in the work and take your phone number with you while relocating or enjoy the advantages of running your company from a single cell phone.
  3. Grow your business with Virtual phone system features: Virtual phone systems offer an array of features tailored for your business. You can enjoy features like voicemail to email, free app, Cheap International Calls, UK-based phone support, cheap calling rates, UK Area Codes, IVRs, ring groups, call pickup etc. you get to enjoy enterprise-level features at an affordable rate.
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