Free VoIP Number to Test VoIP Calling Service for Premium Subscribers in UK


What Is A VoIP Number?

VoIP number is just like a regular phone number. However, instead of being assigned to a device such as a mobile phone, this number can be assigned to any person or user. It is just like connecting a traditional landline to the internet and opening a completely new world of possibilities such as free long-distance phone calls or advanced call forwarding. With VoIP phone services power you could be in Manchester and call a person in Birmingham with a completely different area code and to people in London, it would appear as if you made a regular local call.

However, summarizing VoIP’s definition of area-code magic does not do justice to the actual service. There are multiple layers to the capabilities of a VoIP/ Virtual phone number that makes it a big asset to companies and individuals with communication needs. To offer you a complete understanding of the Voice over Internet Protocol and its associated services, we will have to break it down a little. For now, let’s see how VoIP numbers work.

How VoIP Numbers Work?

To sum it up, VoIP numbers work over the internet kind of like a cell phone carrier. In-depth it what happens is, the voice signals get converted into digital data packets which are sent as data bits across a broadband line. In order to understand it better, think of VoIP Number as a complete separate technological category. Thanks to this technology businesses can call any place in the world through their mobile phones, VoIP phones or tablets. Voice over IP internet calling technology turns a data-driven device into a phone.

The question is how that happensHow it happens depends on the method you use to call from your virtual phone number. The easiest method is by using a VoIP phone adapter and a landline. You can purchase these devices easily. You just must plug the adapter into the phone socket or a computer router and start calling. If you decide to use VoIP over a Smartphone or a computer, then you will need to have apps like Google Talk, Skype, or Viber. Just remember, it is important that you connect to Wi-Fi which is essential for using VoIP over smartphones or tablets to use your VoIP number.

Free UK VoIP Telephone Numbers

If as a business owner, you want premium services and aren’t sure which VoIP provider’s telephone numbers to go with. Then there are a few providers who allow you to try out their services. We are going to enlist some of the best VoIP providers in the UK.


RingCentral is a cloud PBX phone system designed for business of every size and type. The provider offers features like company directory, auto-attendant, and multiple-level IVR, call handling, multiple extensions, Business SMS, audio and video conferencing, fax, screen share, a mobile app for iOS and Android, and call forwarding.

Benefits of RingCentral


  • Quick and easy setup of IP PBX
  • 24-hour tech support and reliable customer services
  • A phone system that supports complex business rules
  • Crystal clear audio quality
  • Call routing easy to deploy
  • Stable web meetings, without audio or connectivity issues
  • Internet fax functionality with a chat feature
  • Call forwarding and ring multiple extensions
  • Apps to communicate with mobile devices


VoIP Business

If you want high quality and premium VoIP Phone System but don’t want it to be too hard on your pocket, then VoIP Business is the right product for you. VoIP Business is a company based in the United Kingdom. The provider offers a remarkable balance of features and pricing which can help remove any guilt that you might have over saving a few pounds. Also, the company’s online user interface makes it simple to handle multiple employees and lines in different locales. The company offers advanced features like IVR, conferencing, Ring groups, SMS, call queues, call forwarding, Teams, Pickup groups, and call routing at an affordable rate.

Benefits of VoIP Business


  • Easy setup
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • All area code UK Number Scalable services
  • Affordable pricing
  • Feature parity
  • Inexpensive international calling
  • 24/7 service and Vonage Business tech support
  • 99.999% uptime
  • Simple activation and setup
  • Free Calls Online from VB to VB network

If you still can make a decision then worry not. Both these providers allow you to sign up for a free trial. RingCentral allows a 15-day free trial, whereas, VoIP Business allows a 30-day free trial. No hassle of contracts and huge upfront cost.

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