How Remote and Home Working with VoIP Can Help Businesses – Covid-19 LockDown

CoronaVirus Work From Home

Since the spread of coronavirus or covid-19, more and more people are self-isolating as a precaution, you might be thinking what this means as a business owner. If you do not know which measures you should take for your employees’ safety then on the option to consider is allowing them to work from home. In this article, we are going to give you the best tips for working from home and how VoIP Business can help you achieve this while keeping the team linked up.

The challenges of home and remote working

There are job roles that can be fulfilled by working from home while others are somewhat difficult. In such unprecedented times, a lot of companies are scrambling to work out how the can minimise the damaging effects of Covid-19 on the productivity and revenue while also making sure that the well-being and health of employees aren’t compromised. Let’s discuss how VoIP Business can enable remote and home working.

1. A hosted VoIP system:

Our business phone system is hosted which means you don’t have to worry about maintaining any on-site heavy equipment. Being in the cloud means you have easier access to your remote employees from different locations. We are an experienced and expert service provider which ensures you get great user experience.

2. VoIP Business mobile app:

Allowing employees to work from home can generally mean that they depend on their internet connection to log in and receive phone calls. A strong internet connection is a basic for remote working, however, what if the large number of people working from home causes their internet connection to be under strain or what if there is an outage? Everyone just has to install VoIP Business mobile apps and use their mobile data for added resilience.

3. ‘Follow me’ feature:

VoIP Business ‘follow me’ feature allows employees to maximise their availability for answering calls. If a customer calls and the agent is not at the table then it can call their softphone or even their mobile phone to make sure they are easily contactable even if you are not in the office.

4. Conference calling and conference chat rooms:

With events and meetings being canceled everywhere; you may be worried about missing out on important meetings. Then you need not fear, our collaborative tools have the answer. With VoIP Business Phone services it is easy to conduct a virtual meeting with our conference call facility that enables you to create a virtual conference room quickly for an unlimited number of participants. Our conference rooms allow your employees to keep in contact with each other as easily and quickly as if they were in the office.

Voice over IP technology comes with something known as ‘Service as a Software (SaaS)’. This allows you to manage networks and host all the necessary software with the help of the cloud. All these abilities combine to make remote working easier than it has ever been before. The cloud-based system also eliminates the requirement for storage devices and flash drives, which can be a security threat if they have sensitive data.

So, with VoIP Business the prospect of your team working from home doesn’t need to be a frightening one. You can be assured that our features are designed to help remote workers meaning you don’t need to compromise on the quality of service of work that you provide to your customers Just Sign Up and Get Free Trial.


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