Call Tracking Software Explained 2022

call tracking software

If you did not know about call tracking software before, you may not believe that it’s used by the management of call centres to track the agents’ performance or by managers of the companies to find out what their employees are doing. While your call centre may use a similar technology to do quality checks on calls, it’s not quite the same as the technology that marketing experts use to get performance parameters for calls and information to streamline product or service campaigns.

Now that we’re in total agreement, we are going to tell you about what call tracking software is and how it serves the purpose of marketers.

Call Tracking Software Explained

Call tracking software permits marketers to get information from telephone discussions with clients that can demonstrate precisely what marketing efforts or strategies led to the call and the aftereffect of the call. For instance, if you consider a business that is utilising call tracking. They can determine the promotions, site pages, and, surprisingly, the keywords that assisted the customer in placing a call on their number. 

Additionally, marketing analytics visualization tools can present this data in an easy-to-understand format.

What’s more, when the client is on the telephone, discussion analytics can be applied to determine the language utilised in the call to tell if they purchased anything, got a pricing statement or booked an appointment — and for sure, marketers will like to call this a “valuable discussion.” You would then utilise the information to get parameters for marketing campaigns and streamline advertisements and website pages. You can also use these facts to optimise social media and other advertising mediums to attract beneficial clients on the telephone.

In the absence of call tracking, it isn’t easy to determine the ROI your marketing activities generate. Also, the marketing efforts may be improving your business calls. But without all the call tracking-related information, you cannot effectively talk to your potential clients to make them your loyal customers. You may not be able to take complete advantage of what your marketing team is doing without this facility.

The Workings Behind the Call Tracking Software

what is call tracking software
Cloud-oriented call tracking facilitates marketers to connect clients’ digital activities to telephone calls utilising web-based information gathering through specific, trackable phone numbers. Call tracking and inspection are made possible with a website tag. The tag is a piece of JavaScript code put on your site that replaces regular, static telephone numbers with identifiable, dynamic telephone numbers specific to each website guest. The dynamic numbers serve as specific identifiers for a person’s website session. Besides overseeing dynamic telephone numbers, the call tracking software also gets other information, for example, UTM source and medium. It also obtains paid search keywords and Google ClickID. In addition, extra clients activity information like the pages they visited and unique client identifiers are caught from the browser cookie. With this information, you can determine precisely which marketing strategies are assisting your high-value calls. When an individual calls a call tracking telephone number, the call is directed through the software to a call centre, call agent or any other department. That permits call tracking software to add the digital data and link the callers’ previous interactions to the call. Also, that occurs almost immediately with no interference to the caller’s experience.

How Can Marketers Benefit from Call Tracking?

Marketers regularly utilise call tracking to optimise paid searches and any digital marketing performance. They also customise the caller experience and improve the client interaction by bringing together the online and offline information sources. As a result, most call tracking utilisers receive these significant benefits: decreased cost-per-click (CPC) for paid search and low cost-per-acquisition (CPA). Other perks include increases in returns on advertising spendings (ROAS).

Which Industries Should Utilise a Call Tracking System?

All industries that benefit from inbound calls to increase their customers should utilise a call tracking system. Along these lines, they can find out the marketing programs generating the maximum profits to optimise the ad campaign in the best possible manner. Examples of effective utilisation of call tracking software include the car industry, medical care and home services. Also, this software can assist the brand franchises, insurance market and travel sector. Other beneficiaries include telecom, real estate, and many more.

Combine Information from Clicks and Calls with Call Tracking

To gain closed-loop feedback, you must obtain data for every specific client to streamline your digital marketing efforts. That data is included in the caller profile, in which the marketer can save an abundant amount of suitable information. This information come in plenty of forms:

  • Client activity information, for example, ad viewing time and website stay (you may consider this as cookie or campaign information).
  • First-party information, for instance, client records, can be collected from a marketer’s CRM.
  • Third-party demographic information.
  • Call information consists of regular metrics like call length, time of day, caller area code and much more.
  • Discussion information from conversation analytics and more AI-based facilities.

By combining these data collections into a beneficial caller profile and linking it to the telephone call, you now can find out which marketing software is generating the majority of calls and start utilising these details for a better purpose.

Combine Information from Clicks and Calls with Call Tracking

Providing a better caller experience appears like an issue that the call centre has to resolve. But if the caller you have motivated to call with your marketing investment doesn’t have a good interaction with the call centre, the sales reduce, leading to unfruitful marketing efforts. That makes it a company’s issue, too. Call tracking software can assist you in customising the caller interaction and increase sales.

With call tracking software, the call centre can obtain real-time details about a caller, including their past engagement record and the keyword and advertisement campaign that generated the call. That data can be utilised to automatically direct and screen calls so the calling clients are sent to the individual or department that can help them in the best way possible without waiting to switch calls.

Switch To VoIP For Better Call Tracking

Switching to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) can significantly enhance business call tracking capabilities. VoIP systems offer a range of features that facilitate more effective monitoring and analysis of call activities. With Call Detail Records (CDRs), businesses can access detailed information about each call, including timestamps, durations, and participants.

Real-time call logging allows for immediate tracking of calls as they occur, providing insights into call patterns and ensuring prompt responses. Call recording features in VoIP systems enable businesses to review conversations for quality assurance, training purposes, and compliance.

Integration with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems allows for a comprehensive view of customer interactions by linking call data with customer information. Moreover, advanced call analytics tools in VoIP systems provide deeper insights, such as sentiment and trend analysis.

The Conclusion

Call tracking software facilitates the marketers to obtain information from a telephone conversation with the customers that can show precisely what marketing strategies resulted in the call and the outcome of the call. When the client is on the telephone, conversation analytics can be applied to analyse various messages conveyed by the language in the call like if they bought something, obtained a pricing statement or reserved an appointment.

With call tracking software, the call centre can get real-time information about a caller, including the past engagement record and the keyword and promotions that motivated the client to make the call.

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