Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtual Meeting 2022

advantages and disadvantages of virtual meetings

Virtual meetings has a lot of advantages than disadvantages. Virtual meeting is a kind of tool that allows team members from all over the world to collaborate and communicate efficiently.

Moreover, due to pandemics like Corona-virus, sometimes it becomes impossible to conduct an in-person meeting. Here virtual meetings come in and help businesses avoid all the obstacles and collaborate with their teams efficiently. 

Also, Virtual meeting allow participants to connect through any device and meet in real-time through video conferences, conference calls or webinars. Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of virtual meetings to understand them in a better way.

Read full to learn to know about what are the advantages and disadvantages of virtual meetings. 

Top 8 Advantages Of Virtual Meeting


Although there are a number of advantages of virtual meetings, we are discussing the main benefits here.

1. Easy Access

Your business partners or clients may be present in different countries. As a result, it is not possible for stakeholders to meet in one place. Moreover, the physical presence also increases cost. In such situations, virtual meetings are more accessible than any other source of communication.

It helps every person to interact without moving from one place to another. Everyone can access a virtual meeting with a few clicks.

2. Cost-Effective

All businesses want to use their finances wisely and save money by cutting back on spending. The most significant benefit of virtual meetings is that it often costs less than physical meetings. Business owners do not need to pay team workers to travel from some other location, and it also eliminates the cost of catering and accommodation.

3. Communication Ability

Face-to-face communication is necessary to deliver ideas and share information, even if it is behind the computer screens. Online meetings are now an essential part of every business sector. With the help of special software, participants of video meetings can chat with each other and remove the barrier of distance. It creates a strong and productive relationship among distantly placed team members. Therefore, modern businesses consider online meetings as one of the most effective ways of communication.

When selecting online meeting and collaboration tools, it’s important to choose the board management software that fits your business needs and has the right features set.

4. Time Savings

Time is very precious and is equal to money in any business. When you set up an online meeting, it saves you much time. You can use this time for a productive purpose that would, in turn, increase your revenue. You can organise at any time from any location. The only thing that you need is a stable internet connection.

5. Real-Time Collaboration

Participants can work during online meetings. They can share screens, send documents and messages to make changes in any project. In fact, multiple people can work on the same project and share ideas with each other. It means you do not need to remember any information to apply it when the meeting is over.

6. Reduces Scheduling Needs

In a virtual meeting, the only thing you need to schedule is figuring out the best time for meeting and choosing software or application that you will use. Thus, it is much less complicated than selecting a place, setting up a meeting, and managing travel arrangements.

7. Chance To Record Meeting

The software that is used for virtual meetings has a number of advanced features, one of which is video recording. Employees can record the meeting by clicking a button and can find the required information when needed. You can also share slides if there is a presentation within a virtual meeting. Employees can also save screenshots to use the information later. It can be helpful to avoid any mistakes in the work.

8. Involvement Of The Whole Team

A meeting is only effective when all the team members are involved. Unfortunately, some members cannot attend the meeting due to a sickness or are working in the field. Now it is not the case anymore. Advance video meetings remove all these obstacles and help you gather all your team members in a meeting. With fast connectivity, team members, no matter where they are present in the world. It will help them to understand all their tasks. It also helps managers to brief their team members about a project, share detailed presentations and engage team members.

Disdavantages Of Virtual Meeting

Along with the benefits, there are some drawbacks of virtual meetings, which are as follows:

Disadvantages Of Virtual Meeting

1. Less Personal Contact

We all know that the best mode of communication is that in which you meet your clients or employees face to face. It is because of a number of things that you can understand my body language or facial expressions.

Facial expressions are an essential part of effective communication. It helps you to understand what a person is saying deeply. Without proper body language or facial expressions, there are chances of misunderstandings. Therefore in an online meeting, you may not understand a person deeply and miss many things.

2. Dependent On Internet Connection

Anyone who wants to join a virtual meeting must have a device (mobile phone, computer, laptop) and a reliable internet connection. Sometimes a team member may be present in an area where signals are poor. In this case, other team members face difficulties in hearing or seeing that person. You can solve this problem by using software that can even operate with low internet speed.

3. Less Dynamic

Virtual or online meetings are always less dynamic because only one person is talking to the entire group. Therefore, you can not divide your team into small groups for discussions. Virtual meetings also have less spontaneity which means that people may miss out on some innovative ideas as all the participants do not get a chance to speak.

4. Chances Of Hacking

Hosting an online meeting is always less secure than a face to face meeting. Due to the chances of hacking, it can be a great risk to the confidential matters of your business. Hackers can reach important data, exploit and misuse it. That is why you need to maintain high-security measures while sharing your important documents in an online meeting.

5. Technical Issues

Technical problems, whether in video audio or the internet, are insidious when it comes to virtual meetings. These issues can waste your time and also reduce engagement and productivity.

6. Pay For Software

Virtual meetings are not free, and you have to purchase software for such meetings. They can end up being more expensive than face to face meetings. Some software offers a free version but with a specific number of participants in a meeting. If you have to organise a meeting with many participants, you need to purchase a paid version of the software. This cost can increase the spendings of your business.


Like all other technologies, there are advantages and disadvantages to virtual meetings. However, it is the most cost-effective, convenient and time-saving way of communication. By keeping all the things in balance, we conclude that the benefits of virtual meetings surpass their drawbacks. Now that you know both the negative and positive sides of online meetings, it can be easier for you to decide whether you should use them for your business or not.

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