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Cloud technology

Cloud PBX system is clouded computing-based Technology. Cloud Phone System is where data is stored and then transferred over the internet instead of using a desktop or external hard drive. Cloud Technology has been around for several years however it has become more popular in the last few years with the launch of programs such as the iCloud and MobileMe which are customer-based Cloud Computing Technology. 

Cloud history

Cloud Technology had a lot of apps for businesses and customers’ in the mid-90s. The businesses which had formerly used the ‘point to point’ data circuit for moving and storing data started to use cloud technology. They found that cloud Technology was a rather cheaper way of performing the same task and it also made more effective use of internet bandwidth.

The term cloud refers to or represents the construct of the internet. The symbol of the cloud was used to indicate the division among the responsibilities of a customer and the service provider.

Cloud Technology actually means that you have the ability to access the cloud data and services from any device which has internet access. Therefore, with a cloud PBX service provider, you can use every standard PBX feature without needing an actual PBX system at your office.

Difference between PBX and cloud PBX

Public Branch Exchange (PBX) refers to the technology which any given phone provider uses for call routing. Initially, a PBX system was a big unit of equipment that had to be stored on-premise and needed to be operated manually. The machine was rather costly for businesses since they were big and required special storage facility, manual operation, and regular repairs.

Businesses with a lot of employees and multiple phones couldn’t function right without PBX technology in the office. Recently a PBX system could be made to automatically operate without needing an operator manually. However, even these devices were quite on the costly side and complex. Furthermore, if any business had to move to a new place or needed to add or remove employees or phone lines then the whole procedure could be very expensive and time taking.

How does cloud technology work?

The cloud technology is reliant on the internet connection. A cloud phone system works by connecting to the internet. Therefore, in order to use cloud services, you must have a VoIP system or other IP system set up at your office to use cloud PBX. A lot of VoIP Providers include PBX options at little to no additional cost.

You have the ability to access your cloud PBX with a customized account from any device which can run the cloud PBX interface for you. This means that you will be able to access your cloud PBX from any device that has access to the internet and which you have already certified for use with your system. Generally, this is only a matter of logging in with your security question or password from the device. Multiple devices can communicate with each other using middleware which is the kind of software that enables your cloud to have numerous means of access.

This can provide you a great amount of freedom and mobility while using your office PBX. Therefore, if you regularly have to go out to do office chores but you do not want to miss any of your calls then you can remain connected using your cloud PBX.

Your cloud PBX provider will be responsible for managing and storing all of your data which you want to preserve. This means all of your calls are connected to the recipient over the internet. Your service provider will also backup all the related information which you want to store in case any computer crashes. This duplication of data is called ‘redundancy’.

Concern and controversy regarding cloud Technology

There are several concerns that people have over the problems of cloud-based Technology. Most of the concerns are about the security and privacy.

All information on your cloud system is generally entrusted in the service provider and it makes some of the customers cautious. In the case of cloud PBX, it means that your service provider will be entrusted with several phone numbers and all the information about your business and customers. The majority of the cloud service providers have a specific privacy policy set out in order to guide their interaction with and use of all your data.

It is essentially a service provider’s job to provide you with good security. If they breach the security then their reputation in the market would be destroyed, and it would eventually lead to loss of the business. Hence in many ways, it is a service provider main concern to make sure that they offer their customers the absolute by security.

VoIP is a cloud based phone system that comes with advanced features and offer numerous advanced features to provide ease and flexibility to users. It offers numerous benefits compared to traditional telephony that is why more and more businesses are shifting to cloud based communication technology.

The question about privacy can be a bit trickier. Even though there are security measures in places such as security questions and passwords. There are still chances that someone could hack your account and your data.

Nonetheless, this is not different from any other sensitive information or data which you have ever sent through the internet. For instance, if you have bought something through your credit card online over the internet then the risks remain the same. You just have to ensure that you protect your data and utilize a secure high entropy password.

Employing a cloud PBX as a type of hosted VoIP can solve numerous issues in the old PBX service and also it is a better option for businesses.


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