Call Parking

Assign temporary extensions with Call Parking and transfer the customers to the right person, team or office.

Don’t Know Your Colleague’s Extension, No Problem. Use Call parking instead.

Call parking is an extremely functional feature in our hosted cloud phone system. It allows you to ‘park’ any specific call in a number of locations so that it can be retrieved later, generally after not more than 1 or 2 minutes. The parked call can be retrieved from another phone, employee or location.

After parking a call the phone system assigns a temporary extension to the call and the caller then only hears the particular hold music of your company. The call put on park can be retrieved after some time or it is sent to voicemail if the call is not answered with in a prearranged time.

The feature of call parking might seem as redundant when you have the ability to put calls on hold or transfer them to another extension easily. This feature is usually used in situations where the other staff member is not at their desk. You can also use this feature to transfer calls between offices and different devices if the extension is not accessible. In such situations, the calls cannot be transferred or put on hold as the workers do not know the extension number to which the call can be reallocated.

Call Park Scenario in PBX:

Suppose a customer calls a sales person however the sales manager who is in charge is busy on call with the HR department. The receptionist has the choice to park that call then to inform the sales manager and then the call can be retrieved through any phone in the HR department.

Similarly, a client calls a sales person with a query about a product’s pricing however all the employees are busy. The front desk then can contact the sales manager and give the extension of the parked call to handle the client instead of transferring the call to voicemail.

Benefits of the Call Parking feature:

With call parking you have the opportunity to park almost 50 calls at the same time, both inbound and outbound calls.

To use the feature you just need to press the key of Call Parking on your phone and pass the location of parked call to other employees or departments. You also have the option of parking the call from VoIPBusiness for Desktop or VoIPBusiness mobile app

You also can park calls from ring of unanswered calls after 5 minutes to make sure that none of the callers are unattended.

You can also enhance your security with private park locations.

Have the freedom to make private park location which is just visible to the users in the same group to park and receive calls. Only the authorised employees will be able to receive the parked calls.

The group members of call parking can directly answer the parked calls using desk phones or VoIPBusiness for Desktop.

You can also access the parked calls from any remote location.

You can also park calls when you are out of your office using just some simple commands from your Smartphone or VoIPBusiness for Desktop.

Call Parking FAQs:

Which VoIPBusiness plans have the Call Park feature?

The Call Park feature is included at no extra cost with VoIPBusiness Basic. Further customisations are available in the Standard and the Premium packages.

Does Call Parking work for both inbound and outbound calls?

Yes. Call Parking works for inbound and outbound calls. Nonetheless, it does not support outbound calling to another extension in your system.

Does Call Parking work just on VoIPBusiness desk phones?

You can park incoming calls and retrieve them on any VoIPBusiness desk phone despite of office location.
Incoming calls can be parked and retrieved on any, regardless of office location. You can park calls using the touch-tone command on your VoIPBusiness for Desktop or your Smartphone using the VoIPBusiness app for iPhone and Android

How can I park a call in a private park location?

The admin of the phone system can help you make a park location group which is then only accessible and visible to the added employees by using the desk phone or VoIPBusiness for Desktop.

Does Call Parking work for the transferred calls?

Call Parking is just supported for warm transfer calls on the desk phones through the Call Parking soft key.

Want to fully try our Call Parking feature?

We offer a 30-day free trial for paid plans

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