What Is Call Pop? How It Is Beneficial For Your Business

What Is Call Pop

Call pop is a feature that provides real time data about our customer, whenever a call comes in. It helps call agents in resolving queries quickly and improve customers satisfaction.

When it comes to business communication or customer support service, callers’ expectations are high, and businesses also want to improve customer experience. Whenever customers call your business, they want to reach the appropriate agent who can resolve their issues quickly and have the whole interaction tailored to their needs. 

However, it is not easy for a business to meet the specific needs of individual customers. There are days when hundreds of calls come in, and employees barely find time to catch their breath before answering one call after another. 

On top of that, agents can’t check each caller’s details before answering a call. It means they must do it during the call, which is time-consuming and interrupts their focus. 

However, VoIP phones have a calling feature known as call pop, allowing agents to have all the necessary information before they start a call. 

If you don’t know much about call pop features, do not worry. We will describe what call pop is, how it works and how it can benefit your business.

What Is Call Pop?

Call pop is a feature which lets you know your customers before you pick up a call. When customers call you, call pop displays a screen with real-time customers information, including:

  • The company in which they work
  • Their name and other personal information 
  • Previous interaction with your firm (calls, messages or emails) 
  • Purchase history 
  • Notes or comments agents made about that customer
  • How long have they been with you 
  • Payment details

This data will come from business applications you use in your company, such as a helpdesk, CRM or a ticketing platform. 

When a call comes in, the system recognizes the phone number or the information that a customer entered into the IVR, and the call pop matches this data with the customer’s profile within a second. Then it displays all the information to the agent handling the call.

With call pop, your call agents will not waste time searching customers’ data from their databases. Instead, they can quickly look at real-time customer data cards to know who they are talking to.

It also allows you to update a customer profile or add notes when they are on call. Now they do not need to write down what a customer said somewhere else or add everything to the database after the call, as they can make instantaneous notes during calls.

Why Do Businesses Need Call Pop?

This tool has two significant advantages: improved customer experience and improved agent productivity. 

According to a Hubspot survey, 33% of people stated it is frustrating to repeat themselves to multiple call representatives while contacting the right customer support agent. It is even more frustrating when the other support agent gives you the same tips or suggestions as the first one did. 

You can avoid such situations with the help of a call pop-up because your employees can see a call pop-screen before every call. So they will know who is calling and also look at the previous history of callers. You do not need to ask customers to repeat their issues, and do not frustrate the callers by asking questions that a caller has already answered. 

As an additional benefit, a call pop screen is helpful for you to provide personalized service to your customers. Since most customers only engage with personalized messages, it will help you increase customer satisfaction.

What Are The Benefits Of Call Pop?

Benefits Of Call Pop

Call pop is highly beneficial for businesses dealing with large numbers of calls, especially for call centres. Here are a few benefits that call pop brings to your business.

1. Personalised Communication

Having information about the caller even before you attend the call will help your agents to personalise conversations with the caller. This way, you can easily upsell your service to the caller and increase customer satisfaction. 

If a caller calls you from a new or different number instead of one stored in your database, call pop allows you to add this new number to the customer’s profile so that the customer is identified in the future.

2. Reduce Average Handle Time

The agent will not need to search for the caller’s information manually; it will save them time. When a call comes in, call pop will automatically provide your agent with all the required information and help them resolve all the queries equally. 

It will reduce one of the most important call centre metrics, known as average call handle time.

3. Boost Customer Service

When customers call your company, they expect their issues to be resolved on the first call. The faster your agent responds to customers’ questions and resolves their issues, the happier they will be. 

With the right information at the representative’s fingertips, agents can immediately know what a caller might need. It makes it easier for call agents to give accurate answers to any questions they receive and resolve issues quickly.

4. Reduce Abandonment Rates

With less time spent handling each call, your agents can handle more calls daily and lower the number of abandoned or missed calls. If you cannot receive calls, it will increase hold times and result in customers’ frustrations. Thanks to the call pop-up, which helps your staff drastically reduce such problems. 

It allows agents to see immediately how a previous conversation with a caller went and what suggestions the other agents gave. It can help the current agent to reach the root of the problem even when they have not spoken with that customer previously.

5. Better Sales Conversion

As we described earlier, with the reduced average handle time, more and more queries get resolved. It will ultimately lead to better customer experience and better sales conversion. 

Businesses that focus on enhancing customer experience also witness increased revenue. When a customer has had a good service experience with your company, there are chances that they will recommend your company to friends or family.

Reviews and customer referrals help you reach more customers and help you create a strong brand image.

Does Your Business Need Call Pop?

Although call pop provides numerous benefits, not every business needs this feature. Now you may be thinking about how to determine whether your business needs this feature.

Here are some points that can help you find the answer: 

  • You need to determine the average call handle time. If you are experiencing a high average handle time, it may be due to the unavailability of necessary customer information. In such a case, you need a call pop. 
  • Find what is the call abandonment rate in your company. If it is 10% or more, then you must implement call pop. 
  • Another thing that you must consider is the first call resolution rate; if it is below 40%, it means you need a call pop-up.

Conclusion - Call Pop

Many customers these days are hesitant to call customer support due to long wait times, repeating their issues multiple times, and feeling like their needs aren’t understood. Implementing call pop can effectively improve the customer experience and build trust with your clients.

By using call pop real-time customer cards, you’ll have immediate access to the caller’s information, allowing for faster, more tailored customer support.

Before even picking up the phone, agents can quickly review the caller’s previous interactions with the company, including any past issues, orders, or requests. This more personalized approach improves the customer experience and saves your employees time.

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