What Is VoIP Phone Number – VoIP Number Vs Regular Phone Number

VoIP Number Vs Regular Phone Number

A VoIP phone number is similar to the traditional phone numbers that we are familiar with. Traditional Landline numbers are used through copper lines on the PSTN and the cell phone numbers are used on the cellular networks via devices that can be handheld such as mobile phones. In the same way, calls are made on VoIP networks using a VoIP phone number.

How Does a VoIP Phone Number Work?

VoIP phone number may appear as a new term to a lot of people but it’s similar to anyone who works with technology. For phone users, the VoIP phone number looks and works in the same way as any other traditional phone number. The phone number is a string of digits that is entered on a dial pad and it connects two people for conversation.

To use a VoIP Phone number you don’t need to learn anything new or enhance your technical knowledge. All the VoIP devices can be used with simple plug and play such as an IP phone can be into a LAN port and then the connected device will register itself on the VoIP network automatically. Further, you can use the number as per usual. VoIP phone numbers give users the freedom to take their phones with them wherever they are.

Difference between VoIP Phone Numbers and Regular Phone Numbers

VoIP phone numbers vary from standard numbers in several rather important ways.

  • Area Codes – VoIP Number Vs Regular Phone Number

Possibly the very significant difference between VoIP and Regular phone numbers is the area code, which has no real relevance on VoIP networks. VoIP phone numbers function just with the location. There is not a lot of a distinction between local, national or international numbers (even though prices might fluctuate according to the subscription plan).

Phone carriers usually assign numbers with area codes to decide the rates to be charged for a particular call. Through VoIP, consumers can pick a phone number with any area code (if it is obtainable with the operator) as there is no difference in price, whether it is made to a number with the identical area code or a new one.

  • Multiple Devices – VoIP Number Vs Regular Phone Number

All Landline numbers are usually attached to a specific device, whether it is a residence phone, workplace phone or any other landline device. VoIP phone numbers can be tied to several devices which makes it possible to utilize them in unique ways. Therefore consumers can make a call from a desk phone, their Smartphone or PC with the same number. This kind of system gives flexibility to users, mostly in a business context. A VoIP phone number is suitable for how we work and live in today’s contemporary world.

The Benefits of a VoIP Phone Number

The technique through which landline numbers have been in use has not altered a lot over the last number of decades. People make calls and send and receive voicemail while possibly using a few additional aspects like caller ID. A VoIP phone number has a lot of benefits to give to users. A number of them are listed below:

  • Use Any Device

VoIP phone numbers are used on networks that depend on IP technology, the same networks that are utilized to deliver Internet access. While consumers can access the Internet via any device ranging from smartphones, and tablets to PCs and desktops, VoIP numbers can be utilized to make calls from a variety of hardware as well.

The VoIP client may have an IP desk phone, an analog landline device (with a converter), an application on a Smartphone or tablet, or any small piece of software that can be downloaded on several PCs. The experience is constant on every device and the person on the other end of the line can see the same number on their caller ID.

  • Incoming Calls Can Ring Multiple Devices

Just as calls can be made on any device, incoming calls to a specific VoIP phone number can be attended from everywhere. The majority of VoIP operators present a feature in which incoming calls can ring on several devices at the same time or one following the other depending on how the service is configured.

This particular feature can have different names on different services nevertheless is generally referred as ‘multi device ring’ and ‘find me follow me’ respectively. The feature can be extremely functional for both home and business consumers. Any individual can be reached by phone call, even though the caller has no idea where they are or which device they will be using.

Through analog phone numbers, calls typically go to voicemail if they are not answered. But with VoIP numbers, voicemail becomes the last option as the user will be reached ultimately. Organizations can give improved customer service by making certain calls are answered by a person no matter how far they are.

  • Virtual Numbers

As VoIP phone numbers are not linked to a particular location or area code, they can be utilized as virtual numbers. Users can pick a phone number with any area code; as a result, calls made to that number will acquire local charges even if the caller is not using VoIP.

Any family can make use of VoIP numbers to keep in touch even if they live far away without having to spend excessive amounts of money on long-distance charges. Businesses often buy numbers with a particular area code so that clients from that location can immediately make a local call to reach them.

  • Number Mobility

Approximately everybody has gone through the hassle of moving to a new house or office. As phone numbers are linked to specific lines, it means the hassle of receiving a new number or having to ask the phone company to transfer the line to the new address (if it is possible).

VoIP numbers give mobility. They can go with the customer regardless of where they move. The number can be used provided that there is an Internet connection. VoIP number mobility can be valuable particularly to businesses not wanting to lose loyal clients who are used to dialing the old number.


Businesses do not need to update marketing materials, the company’s website, or other communication to reflect new numbers. The old number will go on to work normally. VoIP phone numbers might not be different from standard numbers however they carry an entire host of new features and innovations to the modest phone call.

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