What are Vanity Phone Numbers? Benefits of Vanity Number for Businesses

The telephone is one of the most necessary gadgets required in the business development process. Since communication is vital in the business world, business owners should do it in an attractive way. Therefore, to communicate with your clients effectively, you will need a reliable phone service.

What are Vanity Phone Numbers?

Your business may have many branches that might require your attention. So you will need a number that will stand out from the rest from the numbers of your competitors. The vanity phone numbers are particularly designed for this purpose. They are the phone numbers that your clients can easily remember. It makes them a better option for promoting the product brands.

Examples of Vanity Numbers:

Examples of toll-free vanity phone numbers are 1-833-974-Coffee and 845-356-7311-Burgers. Your customers won’t even have to guess a little about the nature of your work because the words in the number tell about your business brand or product.

Moreover, to further boost your sales, you can make your WordPress website with the same number and the name at the start—for example, 1833coffee.com and 845Burgers.com.


For the above businesses, the cafe owners are also using the vanity phone numbers as easy-to-remember URLs. That gives these businesses a great competitive advantage in the market. Since customers don’t need to remember the complete number or website URL, they only have to keep the prefix in mind. Then, they can memorise the remaining attention-capturing words that the company owners select to create interest in customers.

According to the research, the vanity numbers and website URLs using vanity numbers are 50% more likely to get a response from the clients. Simply because of the way they are composed, they create an urge to explore the product or service by phone call or viewing the WordPress website.

Benefits Of Using Vanity Phone Number:

You may also buy one of those vanity numbers that don’t come with words, but they are famous because of the arrangement of digits in them. Like: 1-800-111-222 or 1833-123-4567.
  • The great thing about the vanity numbers is that they assist the promotion of companies with their brand names to create market recognition of their business.
  • The customers can freely and easily reach out to these companies for utilising their products and services.
  • When used on a WordPress website, a vanity number can be an impressive marketing tool for developing a national or international business presence for the firm without making big investments.
  • A vanity number can also help in an effective way to create extra sales because it advertises the business in the best possible manner on the websites or ads. That is because it spells out the business name, product name, or even provides information on product description.
  • With a vanity phone line working on VoIP, there won’t be any requirement for setting up an alternate phone line. Instead, you can simply install it so that whenever the customer calls you, it will produce a ring on any line you select.
You must select the 800 vanity numbers for the best results because they are the most recognisable and popular numbers in the market. If for some reason, you don’t want to invest in 800 numbers, you can opt for 888, 877 or 866 numbers to work with your business. Usually, they are easy to obtain. There are both advantages and disadvantages of 800 vanity numbers. For example, while they are famous for being in the market for a long time, they also receive unnecessary calls.

Vanity Numbers For Business

Vanity Numbers For Business

Low profile vanity numbers work well with businesses that don’t want to capture plenty of attention from their customers. For this purpose, the company can select any low price vanity number according to the business objectives.

Marketing experts suggest that the company owners should select the alphanumeric numbers because they appear unique. That is the reason people like calling them. As a rule, businesses avoid adding their complete company name in the vanity numbers because they might not be able to generate curiosity in the clients. For example, a candy shop might use a vanity number 845-436-Cakes instead of spelling out their business name in the number.

The Workings Behind a Vanity Business Phone Number

Vanity business phone numbers usually operate on the World Wide Web. This type of telephonic technology is called VoIP. That refers to “Voice over internet protocol.” VoIP service is economical as compared to the one provided by conventional landlines. Moreover, it comes with technologies like monitoring, analysis and customised greetings. You can also receive services like call direction with it. So till the time you have a gadget like a smartphone, a tablet or PC connected to the internet, you can utilise VoIP. With this setup, you can also forward all your calls to a particular landline or smartphone number.

The Conclusion

To make your business transactions even better with your customers, you can choose a vanity number that describes your business. It can be the specific vanity number that promotes your business strategy and the unique features and services you provide to your customers when they call you. You can further discuss your products and services when the customer contacts you after dialling the vanity number.

It is advisable to buy a vanity number as soon as you start your business from a VoIP vanity number service provider. And market it in the best possible way you can. The vanity numbers will increase your customers over time. You can display them on your website to advertise your products. Also, you can utilise the same vanity number for inventory management, ordering the products and providing customer services to the clients.

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