Understanding the Impact of COVID-19 on VoIP market

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In the most challenging time, when many sectors have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and the world is continually fighting to reduce the effects of Covid-19, the telecoms sector especially VoIP (Voice over Internet protocol) and IT sector undoubtedly have come at the top as the most favourite child in a global economy.

However remote working, Homeworking, online communication like video conferencing, have increased at the globe through the internet connection. VoIP has suddenly become vital for today’s society, and some experts believe that if we have to face the worst effect of the virus, this will be one of the top industries that would be standing, stronger than earlier.

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COVID-19 financial toll on VoIP

Coronavirus is now a global epidemic. Millions of people from all over the world are affected badly by this pandemic and people are forced to work from home to lessen the effect of this disease. Many countries have adopted a lockdown strategy but some countries have lifted lockdown without knowing what happens next. This is the situation no one can assume or predict how long it will take to recover from this pandemic.

Unquestionably, there has been a sudden change in the demand of cloud-based phone services worldwide. Many schools and education sectors have largely adopted the VoIP system to allow VoIP video calling for online classes. Many health workers, doctors have used this system immensely in their training and meetings.

Even before this pandemic, most of the business had already shifted to cloud-based technology and were already turning themselves to online productivity by employing different VoIP features for their work field. It is unclear how long will this pandemic force people to stay at home, but the usage of a cloud phone system will continue to grow.

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Some Potential impacts of Covid-19 on VoIP


Network resiliency and usage


  • VoIP businesses have recorded large spikes and many countries reported enormous volume of voice calls that are increasing exponentially.


Customer satisfaction


  • Around the globe, VoIP is taking on a diversity of measures to make continuous improvement for customer satisfaction and give businesses easy access to their workforce.
  • In the UK, VoIP has increased the capacity and offers unlimited calls and some of the companies are providing free networking tools or some have reduced their cost to facilitate their customers to work from home during the COVID-19.


 Financial consequences


  • VoIP companies have been less affected by the pandemic, but some companies can face some issues with the cash flow alike other sectors.
  • Many VoIP companies have continued to invest in their network for a long-term period, and some are looking forward to 5G technology because It will advance speed and reliability.

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What factors businesses should consider before investing in VoIP technology during COVID-19?

VoIP systems depend on internet performance. A stable internet connection is necessary to run your business smoothly while using a VoIP platform.

  •       Can the internet collapse? Critics say that it’s unlikely and the internet is designed to survive not to cease or decline.
  •       Can VoIP solutions cater to the demand of every business? It depends on what services you are utilising, how competent they are? How much scalability they have?


What Important features VoIP offers?

Call Forwarding – allows you to forward some or all incoming calls, if you can’t pick your office phone number, you are still able to forward it to your phone number or any other number.

IVR – Auto call attendant or IVR is a feature that allows the callers to transfer the call automatically to the company representative, without waiting or having to talk to an operator.

Call recording This feature allows businesses to record phone calls that can be further used for practising and learning, marketing tools or techniques that will help to boost your sales and productivity. This feature can also be used to improve the clients satisfaction and monitor your team.

Share Voicemail – It enables multiple users to interact on the same data or source that helps the businesses to collaborate and work efficiently. For example, A Manger can send information from a single source or means that can be accessed by all team members or particular members.

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