How Can VoIP Improve Customer Service?

Customer service

In this article, we are going to talk about six ways through how VoIP can improve your customer services.

How Can VoIP Improve Customer Service?


  • Strengthen Accessibility

One of the initial and most important interactions that a customer has with your business is when they speak to a representative over a call for inquiring about certain information, customer support or service. Majority of the customers’ expected to get personalised services which can cater to all their needs properly and quickly. VoIP is quite a complete phone services that offer a big difference in the standards of customer services in comparison to the traditional phone services. VoIP technology can strengthen your customer accessibility through:

  • Employee Availability

VoIP also makes it easier for your employees to become more readily available for the customers using VoIP’s features such as call forwarding. Managers can use hunt groups so that all phones assigned to the group will ring is a predetermined sequence, this guarantees that the customers’ will talk to someone who can help them. You can remove customer’s frustration with the increased employee accessibility.

  • Customer annoyance prevention

Every customer wants assistance when they need it. No customer likes to be passed around through a lot of employees, which forces them to repeat themselves again and again. VoIP makes it easier for the customers to direct themselves to the right representative or the right department so that their call can quickly and effectively get answered. VoIP basically reduces the wait time and queues.

  • Voicemail to Text

In the case when an employee is not available and misses a call, with VoIP they can then respond to the voicemails a lot more efficiently. With VoIP, the voicemails are saved as audio files, which are then emailed to the employee. As a result, employees can take care of the work while they are travelling. Voicemail to text removes obstacles for consumers who are looking for a fast reply, generally leading to an improved user experience.

  • Get a Toll-Free Number

With VoIP the business size doesn’t matter, the business of any size can use a toll-free number with VoIP at low cost. Having a toll free number can help you create a reliable reputation in the business work and it can also help your business become more accessible. With a toll-free number, your customers can call you at any time, regardless of their geographic location and without worrying about any long distance charges.

  • Direct Phone Numbers and Extensions

Direct phone numbers and extensions allow your employees to build a strong relationship with customers. With VoIP, every employee can have their own direct number regardless of their physical location. Furthermore, every employee is able to integrate their mobile device with the business phone network, so they can be reached at any time and anywhere. If an employee reaches out to a customer through their own mobile device then their VoIP number will be displayed to the customer and not their cell number.

  • Optimised Auto-Attendant Features

VoIP offers a virtual receptionist which is a tool that can organise all phone calls and can direct the caller to where they want to go. Every business wants customers to have elevated experience through the journey. VoIP’s auto-attendant feature can route calls properly and can increase your brand’s awareness.

VoIP’s feature of virtual receptionist provides you with a pleasant greeting along with a menu design. With an optimised auto-attendant you can elevate your customer experience simply by including the abbreviated sales information into the menu which is easy to navigate to satisfy existing and prospect customers.

  • Boost Conversions

For every business sale is an obvious goal, it is what helps you thrive. VoIP makes it possible for your business to flawlessly communicate with the existing and prospect customers through a clear connection. Outreach through phone calls still yields high response compared to email, therefore it is easier to connect with prospect customers through phone. With VoIP phone services your employees can build a rapport with the customers and can become easily accessible so that they keep the customers engaged with your brand.

  • Tracking Success

VoIP allows your business to track your success and you can effectively measure all phone calls for prospect customers. If you don’t know then we can tell you how. VoIP strengthens you marketing strategies by giving you solid data for your marketing campaigns. With VoIP technology, you can assign an individual phone number to a particular campaign. Every number which you configure land in the same place, but you are able to track which campaign was effective for attracting the customer. In short, you can save a lot of time and money. VoIP also helps you to boost the effective tactics and leave what does not work.

So, it doesn’t matter what kind of solution your business uses whether on-site or hybrid or cloud bases solution, its business VoIP services have to be flexible and feature-rich so that it can enhance your customer service interactions. This way you can make sure that your employees meet and exceed your customer’s expectations which will help your brand make each and every customer experience a positive one. So that it all results in improved customer satisfaction, retention and recommendation.

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