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Most of the businesses in the UK now prefer VoIP phone services. Therefore, now there are a lot of different VoIP providers who offer a variety of VoIP services and products. However, this raises important questions of how you to choose from so many providers? Remember, it is essential for you to compare the features and their benefits before you select a provider according to your needs. This article is meant to make this comparison easier for you.

There are a few factors which influence your decision such as features, products, cost and installation. You should consider all of these factors if you want install a new communication system in your office. To make a decision you need to compare the key details about each top VoIP provider in the UK.


Established in: 1972

Summary: Mitel has more than 60 million clients in more than 100 countries. The company has become a major player in the business communication system. Mitel provides on-site system through the cloud or as hybrid of the two.

Right for: Mitel services are suitable for every size business.

Mitel offers three different cloud based systems which are available as part of MiCloud to provide for businesses of every size, these are:

  • MiCloud Office
  • MiCloud Business
  • MiCloud Enterprise

The billing of Mitel’s cloud based phone system is done on basis of per user; hence new customers can be promptly added as necessary.

Top features:

  • MiCloud: MiCloud is a cloud based system created by Mitel, this system does not need any type of hard to be installed except for the phones.
  • Global: Mitel has several data centers across the world which provides full coverage to its customers regardless of their location. The company also has its own mobile app which allows the users to make and receive calls while they are on the go.
  • Up-to-Scratch: MiCloud provides a consistent solution to a fast-paced company that cannot afford downtime at all

BT – Cloud Voice for Business:

Established in: 1981, however BT’s Cloud Voice VoIP phone system became available in the year 2014

Summary: BT stayed quite away from the cloud technology giving preference to the on-site phone systems. Even though BT is late to the market, having a big player like BT involved in cloud technology has to be a good thing. Ever since the release of its first VoIP system in the industry it has seen a surge in its demand. Therefore, BT has upped their game in the industry.

Since releasing their first system the VoIP industry as a whole has seen a surge in demand.

Right for: BT services are suitable for a variety of business sizes.

BT VoIP system offer three different packages, every package is aimed at different size of businesses. You can take these packages on either 12 or 24 month long contract with prices being decreased for the latter. The offered packages include:

  • Basic
  • Connect
  • Collaborate

Top features:

BT provides its clients only those features which they require instead of paying for a package which contains things which may never get used. These features could include:

  • Online portal
  • Voicemail to email transcription
  • 3-Way calling
  • “Hot Desking”/ Portability
  • Automatic call routing


Established in: 1987

Summary: it is the oldest established VoIP service provider that we have included. 8×8 offers a variety of subscription plans for its customers which include:

  • Virtual Office: this is 8×8’s entry level service which is suitable for a lot of businesses and is probably more capable of fulfilling most business’s requirements.
  • Virtual office Pro: just like its name this plan offers customers a bit of extra features. The extra features which are added in this plan are internet faxing, call recording and web conferencing.

Right for: this company brags about its considerable experience working with small, medium and large businesses across a variety of industries.

Top features

8×8 provides particular plans which are made to suit certain kinds of businesses. Even though it is hard to tell you which specific plan is most suitable for you but we can list all the features offered:

  • Online Call Management: this feature allows you employees to better administer internal processes and prioritize their tasks.
  • UK Support: 8×8 provides customer with UK support services so all businesses feel confident in case of a disaster or power failure. Their customer service is friendly and effective.
  • Instant Messaging: this feature is an effective means for your staff to communicate. Even though this may not be a formal method of conversing but it can still be a great way for your employees to stay in contact for the things they need to be done promptly.
  • Call Recording: this is very beneficial feature to enhance employee performance as they can learn from their interactions with the clients. You can gather a lot of information with help of this feature so that you can use it later.


Established in: 1999

Summary: Vonage is quite known VoIP phone services provider. It offers high quality services to every type of business worldwide. In recent years Vonage has become a big player in the market of VoIP providers. According to the latest figures Vonage has more than 2.5 million subscriber lines worldwide.

Right for: Even though Vonage caters to individual users and small business, still Vonage essentially aims to provide services to medium sized and enterprise size businesses.

Top features

Vonage offers a range of plans with different number of features, which means capability and choices, will be different form plan to plan. The top features offered by Vonage include:

  • Smartphone App: this feature is for remote employees so they can easily integrate calls into their daily activity through the Smartphone app. with this you can handle your clients 24/7.
  • Multi-Device Transfer: with this feature you can answers all the calls regardless of your location, through different range of devices.
  • Desktop App: Vonage has a state of the art desktop app which you can use to record all contact details and synchronize them. Further, your employees can optimize their phone processes through just a few clicks.


Established in: 1999

Summary: Ringcentral is one of the most known business VoIP phone services provider in the UK. The company has high levels of customers since businesses from across the globe select RingCentral for its innovative approach and excellent customer services. The company provides all in one solution which reliably connects all your business with all of apps and software, to wide range of headsets and handsets.

Right for: Ringcentral offers three main subscriptions plans which have been made to match the requirements of all businesses.

  • Standard Plan
  • Premium Plan
  • Enterprise Plan

All of the VoIP plans offered by RingCentral include similar basic features. However, all these plans are different in terms of toll-free call minute, and on the basis of participants who can join the conference call at one time. The company also offers a scaled version of standard plan, which allows small businesses to go for lower prices and scaled down plans.

Top features

  • Assigned Telephone Numbers: with this feature you can give your employees their own individual business phone numbers, instead of utilizing just one general office number. it is particularly, helpful in the sales roles where the workers can build a relation with the customers and can maintain the familiarity.
  • Country by Country Configuration: with this feature you can do stress-free international dialing.
  • Call Management: this feature allows you to easily create all call processes, along with helping the teas and companies to design particular call parameters and rules.
  • Auto-Receptionist: this feature allows you to free up financial budget and offers customers and clients with high quality communication, even out of hours.
  • Call Recording: this feature is only available with Premium and Enterprise subscription plans, with this feature your business can record all calls for monitoring, training pr safety purposes.


Established in: 1999

Summary: This is an expert provider of business phone solutions. 4com is one of the fastest growing telecommunication companies in the UK. Its name has been in the Sunday Times best companies for the last five years.

4Com has a call center which is UK based. Their staff includes high trained people who are always available to take customers call at any time. The company also has support engineers based all over the UK, always ready to respond at a moment’s notice.

Right for: This company provides comprehensive services for every size of business.

Furthermore, 4Com provides unique phone systems which are solely client focused and with all the necessary software required to back up the system. With the provided features you can monitor your staff’s performance, trace call logs and provide team training. This company is suitable for businesses of every size and 4Com’s portfolio has businesses from up to 10 people staff to business with over 1000 employees.

Top features:

4Com’s phone system standard features include:

  • Computer telephony integration: with this feature you can start conversation off with rapport building reminders such as caller name, location and call history from the very first ring. You can set this up by connection the 4Com software with CRM platform of your computer.
  • HiHi hardware: 4com is also popular for making the upstanding HiHi phone, which also has built-in video calling.
  • Custom Controls: with this feature you can make a positive and lasting impression on your clients through hold messages and voicemail.
  • Analytics: this has all the tools which you want to continuously improve and expand your business such as reporting functionality and call recording.

Rock Networks

Established: 2002

Summary: This company provides Unified communication with the capability to integrate fixed lines, mobile, tablet and desktop connectivity all in single system. This allows your employees to stay connected with one another and to stay connected with your customers and vendors as well, wherever they might be. Rock Network has a first of its kind system which brings together both mobile and fixed networks. It enhances both the effectiveness and speed of your communication by allowing you to take a call on any of your numbers from any device.  It was originally provided by Vodafone, if you select Rock as your provider for VoIP services then it means you will get advantage from their improved customer support and services.

Right for: This service is right for businesses with future thinking of different kind of sizes. The company also offers product enhancement for existing customers for free of charge.

Top features

A number of the advantages of Rock Networks’ services include:

  • Effectiveness: you can hold video and audio meetings through web just with one click.
  • Efficiency: you can save a lot of time by not chasing clients, not traveling for meeting and not loosing working hours.
  • Inclusiveness: it includes all the stakeholders in significant discussions wherever they might be
  • Reliability: you will get the same high levels of quality experiences regardless of where you are


Established in: 2004

Summary: this provider has become a reliable and trusted VoIP provider for organizations which want to switch to business VoIP telephone system. With Sipgate you will get to operate an advanced dashboard process which allows you a lot of flexibility and functionality. Sipgate is a great choice for a number of businesses.

Right for: this company is suitable for Business users, Residential users and Developers.

Top features

Sipgate offers features to all sizes of businesses and it can help businesses go a long way by improving performance and processes. Even though there is a big number of features offered but we have included just a few important feature offered by Sipgate VoIP:

  • Simplicity: Sipgate provides a high quality and easy service. Along with the option of setting up the online VoIP system and manage it from there. This option appeals to a lot of businesses.
  • Experience: Sipgate has thousands of customers all across the UK and Europe during its time of operating. This level of experience means they provide high quality customer service and satisfaction, regardless of your location and whatever your company does.
  • Flexibility: Sipgate provides all of its products with pay as you go options. which means this can be a big advantage for small businesses which are trying VoIP for the first time.


Established in: 2007

Summary: NFOn is also rather new VoIP provider. Ever since its establishment in the business it has quickly become a valued provider in the industry. The company depends on the latest IP Centrex technology, which is made to offer customers best phone system access from several internet locations, whether the location is fixed or remote.

Right for: This company is suitable for a variety of businesses, with features for every business size plan which can go a long way to enhancing user experience.

NFON’s offers three different plans (according to increasing business size suitability):

  • Xpress
  • Business
  • Business Plus

Top features

  • Flexible Contract: NFON offers a 30-day flexible rolling contract, giving you better flexibility. This option is a big advantage to businesses which require a little bit of flexibility.
  • Cloud (Hosted) VoIP Phone System: Cloud technology allows you the universal access that is not tethered to one particular location or equipment. This option offers your employees with a wide variety in functionality and accessibility.
  • Click-2-Dial Functionality: This function allows you the simpler access to the telephone system dashboard. This type of feature gives a lot of advantages to employees and businesses.


Established in: 2009

Summary: Lily has earned a strong presence in the telecommunication market through its strong partnership with Ericson LG. it is spending almost as much as their competitor on the development and research to make sure that they give customers the best possible product. The company claims that 86% of their customers decrease the amount they spend on telecommunication once they switch to the new Lily VoIP services. With this kind of statistics this company is worth the consideration for a comparison.

Right for: Lily VoIP services are right for businesses that have staff in between 1-3500, especially remote asset employees. It is also an ideal solution for customers who want turnkey, device, inclusive of internet and the complete phone system.

Top features

  • Lily VoIP phone system, horizon, provides the latest cloud based technology. Which means the customers will have reduced costs and increased efficiency throughout their business.
  • The setup includes devices like tablets and laptops along with standard handset so your mobile assets can be updated into your current staff.
  • Over the years this company has managed to build a dedicated customer base which includes household names like NHS, specsavers and Citroen. To date the company has over 2500 clients consequently giving the company a lot of experience in providing the innovative communication services to small businesses.


Established in: 2010

Summary: Teliqo is a rather new company in the industry of business VoIP. Even though it was established later as compared to its competitors but the provider has managed to become and incredible and reliable provide, with a lot of users opting for its VoIP services.

Right for: This Company is suitable for Call centers, service buildings and offices.

This company is an open source solution to the VoIP telephony. It offers unique features which can be a lot beneficial for several businesses. Teliqo’s phone systems are accessible through Mac or PC users and through a range of other mobile systems.

The provider offers a wide range of different options for its users. There are a lot of industries in which their hardware and software can be applicable.

Top VoIP Features

Teliqo has designed features which work for every type of business. Whatever your business needs or specifications might be it is likely that you can operate quite successfully with Teliqo. Below we have mentioned some of the Teliqo’s features which are useful for every business.

  • Phone Numbers: with this company you can keep your existing phone number regardless of which company has provided it.
  • Conference Calling: Teliqo offers a variety of features such as conference calls, voicemail and call recording.
  • Self-service Portal: Teliqo provides a self service user dashboard and phone system management which can help your business out in maximizing functionality and productivity.


Established in: 2011

Summary: the company was originally launched as a web design company which specialised in small business services. Through logical growth now the company has moved into the VoIP market and offers a wide range of choices for businesses of every size.

Right for: the provider is suitable for Small businesses

From the start bOnline has always been focused on small businesses. The company offers three different packages. Every package is made keeping in mind the startup and all businesses. The packages are:

  • Business
  • Business 1200
  • Business Unlimited

Top features

bOnline’s big selling point is that guarantee of their prices, the company promises to never be beaten on cost. There cloud-based phone services start from £9/month. There prices are a lot competitive in the current VoIP market. The company offers a variety of feature and we have gathered a list of few of the features. The best features offered by bOnline are:

  • Call transfer (Attended and Blind)
  • Internal Calling
  • Group Call
  • Full mobility across multiple devices
  • Voice Mail
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