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VoIPBusiness gives you free phone book in which you can keep all details of all your customers. Each extension given has its own phone book.

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More than just a contact list

The phone book saves information itself. You can edit the phone book through the online portal. Through the phone book you can also do custom settings to reject certain calls from the contact in phone book.

VoIPBusiness understands that with every business whether small or large adding each person to the phonebook can be a time consuming process. With this phone book you eliminate the time wasted in adding each contact individually to the phone book.

You can also import contacts from your Google account, outlook and also assign the contacts in phone book to VoIP phones through your online portal. This feature allows you to update your contact directories at any point so your phone book is up to date in an instant.

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Phone Book Scenario in PBX:

Change This: If one user’s extension is 200, you go to a different office in the country or your colleague’s desk and realise that you’ve forgotten to forward your phone – then you can pick up the existing extension where you’re presently at, dial the feature code for follow me, then your extension and password for your extension and the calls to that extension 200 will start to be delivered to your colleague’s extension.

Benefits of Phonebook features?

You can easily assign your phone book to your VoIP phones.

This feature allows you to import and export your contact from Google, outlook or any other email.

You can add or remove contacts through VoIPBusiness easy to used online portal.

Address Book FAQs:

You can go into your portal section and add as many people in your phone book as you want. You can add some extra information, like email address etc.

You can use it by logging into your portal section.

Want to fully try our Phone Book feature?

We offer a 30-day free trial for paid plans