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Use The Chat Feature To Keep in Touch

VoIPBusiness provides its users the feature of chat/messaging to access all its contacts as soon as possible whether they are on the same phone system, or part of their corporate directory or even in their personal contact list. You also have the option of reviewing your chat history.

There is a lot of application of this feature which makes it incredible. It can get overwhelming to receive a lot of emails in a day hence having this feature makes it easier to have communication.

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Benefits of the Chat/Messaging feature?

The feature helps you optimize the cost of human resources by using every worker/agent/user as resourcefully as possible.

This feature can help you make sure that every incoming call is routed to the agent who is available rather than it going to voicemail.

You can also eliminate losses of profits that can occur from lost calls. It can also help you maximise the conversion rates by making sure that the inbound caller has an overall better experience.

With call routing you can make sure that all your clients get to speak to live agents throughout the working hours

You can eliminate the need for a receptionist to direct your calls to the department or to agents.

Instant Messaging FAQs

You can send only Text messages and multimedia messages.

Every user can store almost 5,000 text messages, including sent and received messages.

Yes. You can send an SMS text to multiple recipients at once and also can view the conversation in the same thread.

Yes, you can text message an international number through our instant messaging feature. Charges may vary.

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