Call Blocking Feature - Block Unwanted Calls

VoIPBusiness allows you to block unwanted calls by filtering and selecting who can call you or send you a fax. It also helps you with preventing the spam messages.


You can block certain contacts by creating a block list, all the contacts in the block list won’t be able to call you or send a fax. You can configure your VoIP Business online account to block unwanted calls and faxes from certain numbers, area codes, and phones that have no caller ID, faxes, and payphones.

When a contact is added to the block list, it blocks all incoming calls, faxes and text messages from that number. When you block a contact, it is only applied to the extension where they are logged in.

If the Admin blocks a number while logged in to the System Extension (the main extension of the account), then it will be applied to all the extensions listed in the account; which means that the number which has been blocked is prevented from calling any number connected with the account.

Call Blocking Feature - Block Unwanted Calls

Benefits of Block Unwanted Calls feature?

By blocking your unwanted calls you can identify the callers and select your response.

configure VoIP Account

With this feature, you can configure your VoIP Business account to have your desk phone prompt callers to announce their names before the call is connected to an additional level of screening, therefore you will know exactly who is on the line and which business they are calling from.

Display Caller ID

Caller ID displays information of caller before the incoming call ever connects, which gives you some reference to make a decision how you want to respond to the call. You can answer it, reject it, or send it directly to voicemail.

Monitor the Calling Activity

You can also configure your desk phone to know exactly which department or extension is calling, thus you can decide on how you want to respond. If you are too busy to take a call from an important contact then you can respond fast with prepared text-to-speech messages or type a custom message from your VoIP Business from Desktop to your caller.

Block Particular Phone Numbers

You can permanently block particular phone numbers, entire area codes, or callers without caller ID, so they can never reach you again.

Allow Specify Phone Numbers

To further decrease unwelcomed calls, you can block each call, and then make a short list of allowed phone numbers and area codes. Only the numbers you specify will be able to connect with you.

Allow Specify Phone Numbers

You can also select a prepared courtesy message for your blocked callers to hear, or generate your own.

Frequently asked questions

If the call blocking setting is enabled, then you can block calls on your desk phone.

With an incoming call, the caller ID will be displayed on the screen when the information is available. You can also click on the voicemail button to hear the real-time voicemail messages then you can decide whether you want to receive the call or not.

Yes, you can screen calls on mobile phones also.

Generally, caller ID displays the name, phone number, or other identifying information about the caller that is displayed on your phone.

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