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Never miss your important contacts with our Phone Book. With VoIP Business free phone book feature keep details of all your customers. It’s cloud-based so no need not worry about data loss or memory shortage.

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More than just a contact list

never miss any customer

Now get your contacts to slide into your contact list without even bothering to add them one by one. Handling your phone directory is no more awful since the phone book feature automatically updates your contacts on the cloud drive.
Moreover, you can tinker with your phone directory to add or remove unwanted contacts. This feature will weed out unwanted contacts and keep your contacts organised.
What’s more? VoIP Business phone book keeps your contacts up-to-date by allowing you to import contacts from Google Drive, MS Outlook and others.

Phone Book Scenario in PBX

Handling a phone book can sometimes become a headache for you when you have forgotten some important contact numbers or their extensions. Suppose you need to reach out to a prospective customer but have lost contact. While in transit, you won’t get to your customer as you don’t have the phone directory. Only our Phone Book feature can save you from utter humiliation in such cases. You can keep the numbers at your fingertips.

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Benefits of the Phone Book feature

Keep in touch with your employees

This feature is extremely useful if your company has several departments or if some of your employees work from home or from other places.

Voicemail access to every user

This feature also allows every group to have access to its own voicemail box. Such as, you can allow your sales team to have access to a single voicemail box.

Notify your team members

This feature allows you to combine some of your extensions so that they are notified together when voicemail is sent.

Turn your leads into customers

Contact numbers are your business leads. You can turn those leads into customers if you have this Phone Book. It organises your phone directory and updates it automatically. You can sort your contacts into lists to remove any hassle while searching for them.

Keep your data safe and updated

You need not fear losing your contacts now. This Phone Book helps you store your phone numbers in cloud storage. Thus, making you care-free of theft or data leakage. Not to mention, your phone directory storage never reaches the simmering point as you can store as many contacts as you want.

Address Book FAQs:

How would one get listed in the phone book?

You can go into your portal section and add as many people in your phone book as you want. You can add some extra information, like email address etc.

How do I use the phone book?

You can use it by logging into your portal section.

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