Interactive Voice Response (IVR - Auto Attendant)

Interactive voice response is a telephony solution that allows you to interact with callers using digit-enabled prompts e.g. (press 1 for sales, press 2 for billing, and so on).

multi level interactive voice response IVR

Enhance Customer Experience With Multi-Level IVR

how multi level iver work in voip business

Enhance Your Company's Image

Offering your customers and prospects an interactive option as soon as their calls connect reassures them of your company’s ability to respond to their requests. An IVR allows you to convey a professional image over the phone to win your caller’s trust.

Customize The IVR For Your Organisation!

With a properly configured voice menu, your callers will be automatically routed according to their needs, avoiding unnecessary waits and repetitve conversions.

how our IVR system can help in voip

Give The Ultimate Experience To Your Callers!

Auto-Attendant is a particular simplified application of IVR technology with the function of a virtual receptionist.  Its main purpose is to greet callers and transfer them to extensions or departments in a company without involving assistance from a human receptionist. 

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Skill-Based Routing

Use your interactive voice response to automatically send incoming calls to the right people based on their skills. Create user groups by skill set or language, for example, to ensure calls always reach the most capable agent.

Multi-level IVR

With multi-level IVR, take your business phone system to the next level. It allows you to create a multi-layer and structured phone routing menu, enhancing customer support management and improving lead generation.

Easy Task Management

Set up a team for every project and easily manage tasks through team messaging and built-in task manager.

Workforce Optimization

Let your customers connect to an agent with the most relevant skills for handling their concerns. Skill-based distribution helps you to improve workforce optimisation, resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

Forwarding To An External Number

It is a powerful feature of IVR that allows you to forward calls to an external number anytime. Implement IVR for better customisation, streamlined call handling and friction-free customer experience.

Set Up Your IVR In Minutes!

opening-hours-ivr-auto attendant

Opening Hours

Select your IVR opening hours to welcome your customers.

ivr menu ivr auto attendant

IVR Menu

Define your IVR menu according to the different departments or call groups in your company.

Voicemail message ivr auto atendant

Voicemail Message

Upload your personalised messages and them to your library, and integrate those messages with the IVR.

Benefits Of IVR - Auto Attendant

Automatically Route Calls To Queues

IVR system automatically routes calls and places callers in call queues.

Manage Large Call Volume

Ability to better manage customers on the phone systematically and smartly.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

It can improve customer satisfaction as it informs the callers about what’s happening.

Enjoy Global Presence

If one has geographically dispersed businesses, it allows all users to function as one.

Advanced Feature

It is more advanced than a ring group and assigns calls based on a predetermined pattern.

No Missed Calls

It allows us to cut down on voicemails and missed calls.

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