Instant Messaging

Keep in touch with your colleagues and customers with the instant chat/messaging feature. Send and receive messages and develop a personal rapport with them with our unified communication tools.

No Access To Voicemails, NO Problem with voip

Use The Chat Feature To Keep in Touch

access all you fax in your emails

Do Not Disturb is a feature which stops any incoming calls temporarily from ringing. You can put all distractions aside and can send the incoming calls to voicemail. Our VoIP Business plans include this significant feature so that you can work in peace.

Do Not Disturb works by sending you incoming calls straight to voicemail without even letting your phone ring. You have the option of turning this feature on from the web or the mobile App.

You have to keep the Voicemails feature on otherwise the caller will simply be notified that the desired number is not available.

Benefits of Instant Messaging Features


Resolve customers' issues

Resolve your customer issues in a blink of an eye with this chat feature. You can use it for chat support for inbound/outbound services. Instant messages help you reduce the execution time and win over your clients.

Hassle-free communication

Remain in touch with your preferred contacts and share awesome messages with them with a host of chat features. It makes your communication hassle-free as you can use this feature on your phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of messages can I send and receive?

You can send only Text messages and multimedia messages.

Is there any limit on how many text messages can be stored?

Every user can store almost 5,000 text messages, including sent and received messages.

Can I send a group text?

Yes. You can send a text message to multiple recipients at once and view the conversation in the same thread.

Can I send a text message to an international number?

Yes, you can text message an international number through our instant messaging feature. Charges may vary.

How does VoIP works

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