Custom Greetings

The custom greetings feature offered by VoIP Business allows your company to enhance its image and improve the calling experiences of your customers.

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Hi, you have reached (insert custom greetings)

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You can change the message that your callers hear according to your personal requirements. You can record the exact message that you want your callers to hear. This type of greeting helps people find the information that they want.

Benefits of the Custom Greetings feature

You have the chance to choose from a range of male and female voices to get a professional voice recording. You can select English (US, UK, Canada and Australia). There are also professional voices which are fluent in other languages.

Customs greetings allow you to add sophistication substance and a dynamic to your company’s greetings, voicemail, and directories. If the messages are well spoken and are delivered by professional then even the simple directions can become impressive.

You can use this feature to customize the messages and greetings used to address particular requirements of different types of callers. You can also use the feature to customize messages for internal departments and extensions.

This feature helps you produce greeting which is established and make you appear as a professional business.

Custom Greetings FAQs

Does VoIP business provide the suggested scripts?

Yes, VoIPBusiness gives you several guidelines for the custom greetings and many other greetings.

What format of the file should I use?

You can use files of .wav and MP3 format. However, the best format is .wav. If the file is .wav then it should be CCITT –Law (G711a), 8 bit, 8 kHz, mono. If the file is MP then it should be PCM, 16 bit, mono and 8 kHz.

How can I upload the recordings to my VoIP Business phone system?

All is on the cloud, the moment you configure your account, it will be available on the phone system.

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