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Schedule rules and recording parameters for your entire office to deliver better services. VoIP Business lets you keep a record of all your important conversations.

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VoIP Business let you record calls!

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Call Recording System for Business

Call recording helps businesses to enhance their performance and quality. There are a lot of reasons which require call recording such as to reduce the vulnerability of your company.

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The other Reasons are to keep evidence for law purposes, increasing security, training employees, give employee reviews, verifying data, enhance customer satisfaction and improving call quality. You can record calls of single or all extensions.

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Call Recording Scenario

Let’s assume Joe is a new sales agent and you want to assess his sales pitch to a real client. You turn the automatic call recording option for Joe and all his calls are recorded then on. You listen to his call and assess his performance. This way you can give him tips or tell him what works and what doesn’t.

Benefits of Call Monitoring Features

Create IVRs of your recordings

The feature allows you to download and play back the recording anytime you want.

More Advanced

You can easily choose the incoming and outgoing calls that you want voice call recorder to record.

Customer Satisfaction

You can save more than hundreds of recordings per account.

Better Control

You can use the default and custom announcements for call.

Manage Customers On Phone

Virtual PBX Call recordings are stored in your account for 90 days.

Cut Down Calls

An email is sent to everyone who is enabled for Cloud Call Recording.

Make a record of all calls

You can download single or multiple recordings for playback.

Personalise your recordings

You can record conversations from any device.


You can record calls automatically or on-demand.

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