Get Real-time Insights With Call Analytics

Measure your calls performance and unlock new insights with robust call analytics and reporting. 

get real time insights with call analytics

Track The Smallest Details On Your Calls

Monitor Key Performance Indicators

Queue time, average call duration, percentage of calls answered, service level – track the metrics that matter most.

Filter Your Statistics By User, Group or Number

Perform your analysis by focusing on a particular service or user. For example, only analyze the performance of your team that handles client support calls.

Filter your statistics By User Group or number
Create your own reports

Create Your Own Reports

Export or use our API to retrieve your data and organize them as you wish within your internal tools.

Get Started With VoIP Business Today

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Get started with Voip business today call analytics

Frequently Asked Questions

Can call analytics help detect and prevent fraud in a VoIP business?

To help identify and stop fraudulent activity, phone analytics may detect anomalous call patterns and behaviors. It enhances the VoIP system’s general security.

Can call analytics assist in compliance with industry regulations?

Yes, call analytics produces reports suitable for compliance needs, guaranteeing that industry rules and guidelines are followed. For auditing purposes, it offers a comprehensive call record log.

How does call analytics benefit a VoIP business?

Call analytics facilitates data-driven decision-making to increase overall corporate efficiency, network performance optimization, customer happiness enhancement, cost reduction, and security enhancement.

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