Multi-level Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Make a Flawless (IVR) Professional First Impression. Empower callers to reach a live person, VoIP Business ensures maximum customer satisfaction for your business.

multi level interactive voice response IVR

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System

An IVR system is an efficient way of routing calls to their appropriate recipient. The IVR can prompt customers through a series of menus and options that will lead them to the right department. That way, when they finally do speak to a human voice, it’s someone who is equipped to handle their concerns.

how multi level ivr work in VoIP business

How Multi-Level IVR Works?

We know that all organisations face a resource constraint. The IVR will guide customers through a series of menus and options that will lead them to the solution of their problem. Callers will still be able to access the live agent if their problem remain unresolved. This way your precious human resource can be employed in a efficient manner.

How Our IVR System Can Help?

With VoIP Business IVR system you can create automated menus for customers. The system answers all incoming calls automatically with a pre-recorded greeting and provides different menu options to the callers. Based on the caller’s choice, calls are routed to the right extension or department. You can make changes according to requirements through our user-friendly interface.

how our IVR system can help in voip
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Why Use IVR?

Provide quality and rich customer experience

Solve customers’ issues quickly

Save customers time and make them feel valued

Increase customer satisfaction

Reduced overall call center costs

Create a professional and strong brand image

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