3-Way Calling

Turn your normal calls into a more collaborative call experience with the 3-way calling feature. Add a third party to convert your calls into audio conferences.

3 way calling in voip business

Want To Add A Third Person To The Phone Conversation?

want to add third person to the phone conversation

Three-way calling makes it possible for the users to connect with an additional party other than the person they are already talking with. This feature gives third-party validation and social proof. For new consultants, it allows them to learn the process of answering questions and handling objections.

Three-way calling helps connect users with an additional party in-between regular calls. New calling agents can learn from the managers after adding them in a 3-way call.

It is also very useful for the company’s leaders as it allows them to hear different perspectives and offers additional validation of the opportunity. You may need to talk to two people simultaneously; in those situations, 3-way calling comes in handy.

Benefits Of 3 Way Calling

Monitor Your Staff

Through this feature, the sponsors can confirm what an agent has told the prospects which will then validate him and will help you take your prospect to next level.

Social Proofing

For Network marketing business third-party validation is very important. It is a very powerful element of every business. This element is also known as social proof. Social proofing means that people do something if other people are doing it as well.

Improve Business Growth

People are often impressed when they hear good things about your products, business, and services by a third party. The more customer testimonies your contacts hear the more likely they will say yes. This characteristic of 3-way calling makes it perfect for success. If you use it frequently your business can grow faster.


A third party source can always provide you with more credibility.


It can help you demonstrate support to your prospects.

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