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Ditch Your Expensive Phone Lines

SIP trunking enables your business to be more robust, flexible and ultimately more cost-effective alternative with regards to all your voice and video communication needs. With VoIP business SIP trunking you’ll have amazing telephony and video call experiences, similar to our current clients that we serve, 24/7, and yes all year round.


How Does SIP Trunking Work?

SIP trunking works with VoIP phone systems (Voice over Internet Protocol) and is based on SIP (Session Initiation Protocol).

  • SIP, which is the basis of SIP trunking, is the standard communications protocol for voice and video.
  • SIP Trunking eliminates the physical connection to a phone company.
  • A SIP “trunk” is installed virtually over your business’s existing internet connection.
  • Reducing multiple phone lines into a single point of entry drastically reduces charges for incoming lines.
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Add Value To Your Business Communications

With no need to maintain a physical phone line and the cheaper cost of VoIP calls, you’ll see the savings month on month.

Let your setup grow as you do. With SIP it’s easy to increase the amount of Trunks as your business expands and lower rates apply for multiple SIP Trunks.

SIP calls between all your sites/locations.

Existing numbers stay as they are. No need to port them over.

To be honest, VoIP PBX SIP is the fastest set up you’ll ever see with regards to voice and video.

Option to re-route options for disaster management purposes.

With SIP phones you can enjoy great features, such as advanced call routing options, free calls between sites and call centre functionality.

You never need to worry about missing calls while you’re out and about because with SIP Trunks you can programme your server to forward calls to a mobile phone, alternate extension or another SIP trunk group.

New numbers can be easily allocated with minimum DDI charges.

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Why Choose SIP Trunking From VB?

Scalability on demand

No matter the demand within your business you can quickly scale up your service.

Ensure business continuity

SIP trunking operates over our highly reliable connectivity services.

Unified communications

Your voice, video and data all take place on the same network.

The VB network

Benefit from a resilient 100Mbps internet connection and flexible.

24/7 Availability

All our networks are managed and maintained by experienced specialists.

VB Service and support

We’ll give you award-winning customer service and 24/7/365 support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Primary Rate Interface (PRI) and SIP trunking are two different methods of getting your business connected to the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). SIP trunks are virtual connections that are capable of handling both voice and data transmissions. There is little to no need for hardware with SIP trunking. On the other hand, Traditional PRI systems are physical connections which require a dedicated line. It can only handle voice transmission and also has a complicated setup, maintenance and additional investment for hardware.

A trunk is a sole transmission channel between two points, in telecommunication. A SIP trunk is a virtual trunk that enhances communications for both IP network and legacy systems.

No. VoIPBusiness online portal makes it easy to connect your SIP activated PBX so you can deploy SIP trunking at any time.

SIP and VoIP work together to make a strong cloud-hosted communication solution. SIP and VoIP both require protocols which are rules and parameters which activate digital devices, phones and computers for communication. VoIP is the basis for calling over an internet phone. Adding SIP allows the transmission of voice, data and video.

SIP channels are linked to telephone lines where each line or channel can support a call.

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