What Is A VoIP Adapter And Why Do I Need It?

As the world is moving towards digital communications, VoIP is one of the greatest innovations in this aspect. Businesses are shifting their phone systems to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone systems. Thus it is necessary to understand specific devices and technology to deploy this new technology successfully. If you want to make a transition from Plain Old Telephone Systems (POTS), you will need to install an Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA). This ATA transforms traditional phone systems into advanced internet-driven phones. Whether you are a household, small business, or large enterprise, VoIP adapter provides you with feature-rich and future-proof communication. 

In this article we will explore what a VoIP adapter is and help you understand which VoIP Adapter is right for your business. 

What Is a VoIP Adapter?

A VoIP adapter is a simple and compact device that acts like a bridge between the analog and digital worlds. It can make a significant impact on daily business communication. This device is used to convert analog signals into digital data packets for transmission from the speaker to the receiver over IP networks. Moreover, VoIP adapters can also be capable of the opposite conversion, which is converting digital packets into analog voice signals. It can automatically convert the signals into the right format depending on where the signals start from. 

The purpose of this device is to allow smooth communication between digital and analog phones as well as other devices such as computers or fax machines. You only need to connect the VoIP adapter to your existing analog phone system, which not only saves initial investment in telephony hardware but also provides advanced communication features.

How Does VoIP Adapter Work?

As described earlier, a VoIP adapter is a translator between the conventional phone and the digital world. It connects to your Local Area Network (LAN) through an RJ45 port and an Ethernet cable and connects to your analog phone system through its FXS port. It allows the sharing of information between these two while the VoIP adapter serves as the translator. 

If the information starts from an analog telephone, the adapter converts it into digital packets with the help of a codec that is transferred across your IP network. On the other hand, if this information starts from an IP network, the adapter will convert digital data packets into analog voice signals. 

This process is completed with a digital piece of hardware that can be an adapter to a digital VoIP gateway. 

Types Of VoIP Adapters

VoIP adapters are of different types, which are as follows: 

Single FXS

As the name shows, these adapters have a single FXS port that is used to connect one landline to the VoIP service. 

Dual FXS

These adapters come with dual FXS ports and are more expensive than those with single FXS. It is best for users who need to connect to one or more instruments and a fax machine. 


These are the type of adapters that have both FXS and FXO ports and are used to connect landline connections as well as landline instruments. 

These are generally used by enterprises who want to retain landline access in case of an emergency or as a failsafe. Adapters are also useful if your VoIP vendor does not support digital faxing but your organization needs an occasional fax sent. 

Businesses that have more than one line should have a VoIP gateway. These gateways act like adapters but are built to scale and come with up to 48 ports. 

What Are The Benefits Of Using VoIP Adapters?

VoIP adapter is a tool that allows companies to take advantage of VoIP service. They are necessary for new and well-established businesses as they enable seamless communication between different systems. Many providers are on the market offering adapters designed to integrate with various communication systems to ensure reliable and smooth communication for businesses of all sizes. They come with many other features that help in simplifying business processes. 

Here are some significant benefits of VoIP adapters: 

Reduce cost

Voice over Internet Protocol uses the Internet to make and receive calls instead of traditional landlines and is comparatively more affordable than landline telephone systems. VoIP adapters help you convert traditional lines into IP phones and save cost on expensive hardware. You can start IP telephony for your business at an affordable rate. 

Online Faxing

You can use a VoIP fax adapter to send and receive faxes without spending money on additional hardware or landlines. It works similarly as email and is made to enhance simplicity. 

Improved Communication

VoIP adapters not only benefit new VoIP phones but also allow traditional phones to access advanced features. With these adapters, you can get access to features such as multimedia messaging, IVR, call analytics, call forwarding, and many more.  

These features help in improving workflow by automating tasks and streamlining call management. 

Automated System Integration

VoIP allows the integration of automated systems, which leads to streamlined call routing in digital and analog phone systems. This way, you can direct callers to the right agent or department and ultimately enhance caller experience and efficiency. 

Efficient Call Queuing

Another benefit of adapters is that they allow call queuing for efficient call management and improve customer service. 

These features make VoIP adapters reliable tools for businesses looking to enhance their communication capabilities without spending a large amount of money. 

Scalability And Flexibility

VoIP adapters also play an important role in your business’s ability to scale up or down its communication system. VoIP offers unparalleled flexibility and scalability, which is advantageous, especially for growing companies. Once you implement a VoIP phone system, it allows you to make effortless adjustments to the number of users and extensions according to your requirements. 

Moreover, VoIP offers location independence, and your traditional phone with VoIP adapters allows you to make and receive phone calls anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. 

Best VoIP Providers In The Market

There are a large number of VoIP adapters in the market, each with unique features and functionalities. Here, we are describing the best adapters based on efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

Grandstream HT801 ATA

It is a VoIP adapter with a single FXS port. It is excellent to use for homes and small businesses. It can be beneficial for you when you need to connect your laptop remotely to your company phone system. It is easy to deploy and manage. 

With the HT801 adapter, users can easily connect their analog device to the VoIP network and enjoy VoIP technology and routing capabilities. 


  • It supports a vast range of caller ID formats 
  • It allows 3-way conferencing 
  • Provides TLS and SRTP security encryption technology
  • Fax-over-IP supports a large number of formats


  • Advance VoIP features such as call forwarding, 3-way conferencing, and call transfer. 
  • It is small in size with a modern look 
  • It offers encryption along with a unique security certificate for every device.  


  • It needs a physical Ethernet cable. 
  • Its code provider limits the service range. 
  • Its main focus is only voice calls. 


According to eBay, the cost of Grandstream Ht801 ATA is $34.

Cisco SPA 122

This adapter has a small design and works well with international voices. It can help you in providing the best connection to your employees and customers. 

It is compatible with residential, office and small businesses within a complete IP center environment. It comes with advanced features to connect employees and customers over a secure Cisco network. 


  • Top-quality features. 
  • Outstanding security 
  • High quality of voice.
  • Perfect for office and home settings.


  • It is easy to deploy. 
  • Offers advanced features like call waiting, voicemail, call forwarding and caller ID. 
  • Provide a clear and high-quality voice.


  • It is not easy to use for new users.
  • It is not compatible with every device.
  • There may be some occasional glitches.


According to eBay the price of Cisco SPA 122 is around $35.

OBi300 1 Port ATA

The OBi300 1 Por ATA enables you to use analog devices with any SIP trunking provider. You only need to plug this adapter into your internet router and connect your analog phone or fax machines to it. 

Once it is connected and paired with a SIP service provider, you will get access to a number of cool features. This adapter can be the best option if you run a small business.


  • Three-way conference calling 
  • Zero-touch configuration 
  • Speed dialing 
  • Support 4 SIP accounts


  • Supports many advanced VoIP features 
  • Provides Zero-touch configuration
  • Works with an advanced version of Google Voice


  • It isn’t easy to set up. 
  • A bit expensive 
  • It does not work with the free version of Google Voice.


The price of the OBi300 1 port ATA is around $49.99. 

Ooma Telo Air

It is an adapter that is ideal for homeworkers. It is quick and easy to install and connects its users with a high internet speed. It is a wireless adapter that connects phones from your WiFi network to an Ooma Telo base station.  It can also connect to your mobile phone and allow you to call from anywhere. 


  • Allow low-cost international calls
  • Easy to connect with WiFi 
  • Supports advanced VoIP features 
  • Offers mobility


  • There are no extra charges for high-quality nationwide calling
  • Easy to install.
  • Include essential features with better experience and security.


  • You need to pay monthly taxes and fees. 
  • Only works in the USA. 
  • It has limited accessibility.


According to eBay the pricing of this adapter is around $36

Grandstream HT813 ATA

This VoIP adapter comes with FXS and FXO ports and supports calling to and from the PSTN line. It helps users in switching from analog to VoIP technology. It offers advanced VoIP features along with high-end security, ultimately leading to a high-quality IP service. It offers AES encryption including a security certificate for each device. 


  • FXS and FXO ports 
  • HD voice quality 
  • Dual 100MBPs WAN and LAN ports
  • It allows users to make and receive calls from the PSTN line and VoIP service on a single device.


  • High-end security 
  • Easy to switch from analog to VoIP 
  • Advanced features and High-quality service


  • Take time in configuration
  • Some users find that configuration instructions are unclear
  • It maintains the port line even after you hang up


According to eBay, the price of Grandstream HT813 is around $58.19

How to Choose The Right VoIP Adapter?

It may be challenging for you to choose the right VoIP adapter for your business. Here are a few things that you should consider when selecting an adapter: 

Number Of Devices You Need To Connect

First, you need to determine how many telephones you will use and whether there will be faxes or not. If you have to use one phone, an adapter with one FXS port will be enough. But if you have to use multiple phones or faxes, you will need adapters with more FXS ports.  

Need A Router Or Not

If you lack an ethernet port or need a router for your VoIP service, then go for an adapter that is equipped with a built-in router. 

Want To Keep Traditional Phone Network Or Not

The traditional phone network or PSTN is not required when you have a reliable WiFI or internet connection. However, some businesses keep their PSTN as a backup in case there is an internet issue.

Make Comparison

A large number of providers are present in the market offering different types of VoIP adapters, so it is essential to research and make a comparison to find the right one for your business. 


VoIP adapters are essential tools for transitioning from traditional phone systems to advanced VoIP technology. They offer significant benefits such as cost savings, enhanced communication features, and scalability. With various types of adapters available, businesses can choose the right one based on their specific needs, such as the number of devices to connect and whether a built-in router is required. Organizations can enjoy seamless communication and improved operational efficiency, making them well-equipped for the future of digital communication by selecting the appropriate VoIP adapter. 

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