What is 855 Area Code?

0855 Area Code

Just when you were getting used to the market of toll-free numbers, a new area code number was introduced: 855. That’s correct, now with the area codes 800, 833, 866, the area code 855 joins the collection. So what are the benefits that are coming with this number?

What is an 855 area code VoIP Toll-Free Number?

For beginners, the 855 area code is the toll-free number that has been newly introduced in the market to meet the continuous demand for toll-free numbers. The inside sources say that you can use these 855 numbers for business purposes. That is why you must get in touch with a VoIP company that can provide you with the 855 area code number. One of this number’s benefits is that calls made to this toll-free number won’t be charged. But if you call this number from the mobile phone, there will be calling charges because the telecom companies bill these numbers. If you have free minutes in your plan, then you can call this number for free.

855 Area Code Numbers are Ideal Vanity Numbers

What is 855 Area Code


All the 855 numbers are in great demand. The 855 numbers are ideal for those who want to buy them for their company. So the clients can call the VoIP toll-free number provider’s customer service team to find out about the product or services or order something from them. Also, if you want a famous vanity number for your company, you can buy this toll-free number from a VoIP service provider.

The 855 number can promote your company on plenty of platforms. Since the old vanity numbers are becoming less popular, the 855 number can give much-required publicity to your business. For example, if you are a restaurant owner famous for its pizzas, you can obtain a toll-free number like 855-GET-PIZZA. So everyone will get a clear message that you are well-known for the best pizzas in town.

What is the cost of the 855 VoIP Number?

cost of the 855 VoIP Number


If you enter the search statement “VoIP toll-free 855 area code telephone number” in the search field of a famous search engine, you will view many pages of VoIP telephone firms promoting their services. In addition, you will often view details about these companies in the advertisements shown above the regular search results. The typical cost of 833 area code numbers in the UK is around £9 per month for a basic plan and £23 to £31 per user per month for corporate plans. The prices are according to the phone number utilisation and the benefits added to the plan.

Is There Any Relation Between Area And VoIP?

Yes, there is a relationship between VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and area codes. However, the nature of this relationship is not as direct as it is with traditional phone systems. Area codes are numerical prefixes assigned to geographic regions for routing telephone calls. In VoIP, users can often choose or be assigned a phone number with a specific area code, regardless of their physical location.

For businesses, having a VoIP system allows them to obtain virtual phone numbers with area codes that may differ from their actual physical location. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for companies that want to establish a virtual presence in specific geographic regions without physical offices. Additionally, VoIP providers may offer a variety of area codes to choose from, allowing businesses to create a more localized and customer-friendly image, even if their operations are geographically dispersed.

It is important to note that the relationship between VoIP and area codes is more flexible and dynamic than traditional landline systems, offering businesses more excellent choices and agility in managing their telecommunications presence.


Buying an 855 number is just like purchasing any other kind of toll-free number. When you use a 855 VoIP toll-free number for your business, everyone will consider that you have a world-class multi-national company, even if you are a small firm. Once you have obtained the toll-free 855 number, no one will be able to tell that you have a small business because the 855 number will create a great impression on your clients.

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