Best Free Call Blocker Apps for Android 2022

Best Free Call Blocker Apps for Android

It happens to almost everyone that he receives calls from unknown numbers. It can be a frustrating situation. Fortunately, there are call blocker apps for Android and other mobile devices that help you get rid of spam calls. You may also receive calls from different companies for telemarketing. Some of these calls are beneficial, while others are just annoying and time-consuming.

That is why people need a call blocker app for their mobile phones to avoid such calls. These applications not only allow you to block spam callers but also help you to recognize unknown numbers. Although some Android phones have a built-in call blocking feature, many phones do not. This article provides you with the best call blocker app for Androids to block spam calls permanently.

Feature mobiles or smartphones are among the best innovations that allow people to reach and communicate with each other without the restrictions of distance and location. You can connect with anyone instantaneously whenever you want through your mobile phone.

With the advancement in technology and from the era of a landline to mobile phones, communication has become much easier and more compact. Smartphones allow anyone to contact us anytime from anywhere. However, sometimes this advantage turns into the most significant flaw when we receive many spam calls and messages. It has become a problem throughout the world. Here is the list of the best free call blocking apps 2022.

Top 9 Best Free Call Blocking Apps 2022


1. Call Black List- Call Blocker App

Call Black List- Call Blocker App

Call blocklist is a powerful call blocker app for Android phones. This app has two main features, including call block and SMS block. It allows you to quickly block messages and calls from unwanted numbers by following some simple steps. This application is light weighted by nature and easy to use. You can make an allow list and a blocklist within the app, and you have an option to turn on and off the blocklist whenever you want. Another benefit of this Call blocklist app is that it is password protected. This call blocker app is ad-supported and has some in-app purchases.


  • This app contains four block modes.
  • Users can select a block method easily.
  • In addition, it provides advanced privacy features such as password protection.
  • Thus, it consists of a fully functional SMS messenger.

2. True Caller- Dialer, Caller ID & SMS spam blocking

True Caller- Dialer, Caller ID & SMS spam blocking


True caller is an application that leaves no stones unturned. It is a top-rated call blocker app for Android. If you are an Android user, there is no way that you have not heard about this app. It goes beyond blocking the spam numbers by making a directory of known spam numbers. Thus, if your mobile does not recognize a number, the true caller will. This call blocker app will ensure that you will not get annoyed by having calls from telemarketers, spam callers, or a number you want to avoid.


Following are the notable features of a true caller:

  • The app has a user-friendly interface that is easy to use.
  • It has a powerful dialer to block spam calls.
  • It also has an intelligent SMS app that you can use to block messages from spam numbers.
  • It helps you keep your inbox spam-free and organised.

3. Hiya- Caller ID & Block

Hiya- Caller ID & Block


Hiya is another free call blocker app for Android that blocks spam calls and enables fraud detection. It has advanced features like reverse phone number lookup and caller ID security protection. One best thing about this call blocker app are that it takes callers information from an updated database. It is being used by millions of users across the globe. It allows its users to get real-time insight into who is calling. There is an option that you can use to enable automatic alerts for calls from unwanted numbers. You can also make calls through this Hiya app.


  • It has a feature to track SMS caller ID.
  • It protects spoof and spam calls.
  • It has virus protection and security features.
  • It identifies unknown callers in real-time.

4. Mr Number-Block Calls & Spams

Mr Number-Block Calls & Spams


Mr Number is a call blocker app for Android that is free to install and has no ads. Besides blocking spam calls and SMS, this call blocking app allows you to block numbers from a specific location or international numbers. You can select numbers from your contact list or add them manually. Mr Number is the most popular app and also received the best communication app award. This call blocker app is easy to use and provides complete protection.


  • It has a very intuitive user interface.
  • In addition, the app provides you with a high level of customisation for blocking numbers.
  • For example, it allows you to put a permanent block on debt collectors and telemarketers.
  • In addition, it has an intelligent dialer to look up contact numbers.

Should I Answer?



This call blocker app provides you with the exact information that is required while taking a call. It is a well-designed and well-managed call blocker app for Android. It allows you to manage the call lists in different categories. For example, you can categorise spam calls as telemarketing, credit cards, and unknown numbers. Should I Answer is the best call blocker app for Android as it also works offline? You can block a specific number or all numbers that are not added to your contact list through this app.


  • It is an easy-to-use app for users of every level.
  • It has a dialer that is fully functional for complete call history.
  • In addition, it allows users to select the level of protection.

5. Call Control-Call Blocker

Call Control-Call Blocker


Call control is the best call blocker app for Android. It is one of the most accessible used call blocker apps that automatically block spam calls, robocalls, and calls from telemarketers. It also allows you to schedule do not disturb during which you will not receive any call or message. Like the True caller, Call Control has a community-made directory that automatically detects and blocks spam or nuisance calls. Call Control app also provides details of numbers that are not saved to your mobile phones. Moreover, it also works as a text blocker.


  • It has community IQ features to block robocalls.
  • It provides local backups.
  • This app is fast and takes up a little space on your phone.

6. WhosCall- Caller ID and Block

 WhosCall- Caller ID and Block


Whoscall is another call blocker app for Android. It provides a highly secure way to make and attend calls without disturbing the privacy of users. More than 70 million users across the globe are using this app. It also has a caller ID feature, and the most significant feature of this app is that it offers a whoscall card to its users that they can use to personalize their ID.


  • It is an ad-free app with an auto-update feature.
  • It can identify unknown calls and block them automatically.
  • It also has a built-in dialer.

7. Root Call Blocker

Root Call Blocker


It is a preferable call blocker app for Android phones. It allows users to avoid unwanted calls and messages. Furthermore, it makes its users selectively antisocial where they only respond to the calls of their choice. Thus, protecting you from the pesky, annoying spam calls and calls from telemarketers. One significant feature of this root call blocker app is that it allows you to set auto-replies when you receive calls from a blocked contact. This is how you can make your life peaceful by avoiding spam calls.


  • You can customize the notifications with vibrations, Led colours or specific ringtones.
  • It restricts the rejected numbers and easily blocks MMS.
  • It provides encrypted backup.

8. You Mail



It is an instrumental application for voicemail and spam call blockers. It helps users to block the calls from unwanted or unknown numbers safely. It is one of the most trusted applications and is being used by more than 1o million users to deal with many wrong calls with high security. Through this call blocker app, you can also send custom messages to your contacts. Moreover, You Mail can save significant amounts of information on voicemail easily.


  • It provides an automated text message option.
  • It keeps your voicemail organized and clean.
  • It is a professional app for individuals and entrepreneurs.

9. Sync. Me



Sync. I am the best call blocker app for Android, ideally designed as a spam call blocker, contacts security, and caller ID. This call blocker app is being used and trusted by more than 20 million people worldwide. Sync Me also has a reverse phone lookup option and can also make a blocklist of its own.


  • It has an intelligent call log.
  • It also provides an opinion to record calls.
  • It offers seamless backup.
  • It can sync contacts with the profile picture.

Now that you know about the best call blocker applications for Android, you can install one on your device to avoid spam calls and get peace of mind.

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