The Benefits Of Integrating IoT with VoIP System

Integrating IoT with VoIP System

For several decades the advancement in technology has revolutionised the telecommunication industry. VoIP (voice over internet protocol) has become very popular among businesses, and with time more and more businesses are moving towards this advanced communication system.

However, VoIP is not the only technology transforming the communication industry. There are many others, such as IoT (Internet of Things). Different types of IoT systems and applications play a role in transforming business models, improving productivity, and pushing companies forward. 

Both technologies are playing a role in improving business communication and productivity.

Here in this article, we will explain what IoT and VoIP are and how the integration of VoIP with IoT can benefit your business.

What Is VoIP?

Voice over internet protocol or VoIP is a phone system that uses the internet to make and receive calls instead of traditional phone lines. It means you can make calls without physical copper wires if you have a reliable internet connection.

You only need a VoIP service Provider to handle your calls and a high-speed internet connection. The best thing about VoIP is that it does not bind you to your office desk. You can use your VoIP number on any mobile device, computer or laptop by installing VoIP apps.  

Choosing a well-reputed service provider who can manage everything for you is essential. VoIP phone systems convert your voice signals into data packets and transmit them online. It helps businesses in reducing call costs. VoIP offers many other benefits over traditional phone services.

What Is IoT?

The concept of smart devices started in 1982, but the actual birth of IoT was between 2008 to 2009n, when more things were connected to the internet than people. IoT refers to the internet of “things” or everyday objects that can perform automated tasks and collect and share data or information over the internet. 

You may be wondering why it is called the internet of things. Let’s find out the answer to this question. Initially, when the internet evolved, it was the internet of computers. Since new internet-based applications and devices have emerged, such as mobile phones, cameras, IP phones, and tablets, the internet has become the internet of devices.

In recent years, with more actual objects being connected to the internet, it has become more diverse. Internet connections include cars, thermostats, refrigerators, municipal lights, etc. No single category can encompass all these objects, which is why the word things are used to include all possible objects connected to the internet.  

According to some analysts, the number of things connected to the internet will grow by 22% annually between now and 2025, which may ultimately result in 27.1 billion connected things.

Benefits Of Integrating VoIP And IoT

It is a fact that VoIP and IoT use the same network infrastructure, called the IP network. So they can be seamlessly integrated to get more benefits. Here we describe some significant benefits your business can get through this integration.

1. Removing Onsite Security and Controlling Access

Online and offline securities among businesses worldwide due to the rise in cyber crimes and fraud. Businesses operating in both realms are looking for tools and technologies to protect their sensitive data.

IoT solutions provide security across communication channels such as SMS and voice services and improve onsite security for your business premises. 

With the help of IoT imaging devices like IP cameras and similar access systems, you have full access control in your office. However, you can also configure such systems to your VoIP endpoints so that your security personnel and employees can call from any device accessing a live feed.

Moreover, these devices can automatically call your phone or any other device during an important event.

2. VoIP Allows Automation Via IoT

Automation of day-to-day operations is the most significant pillar to improving efficiency in any modern workplace. IoT and VoIP both play an important role in creating an automated work environment. Some ways IoT and VoIP come together include automation of communication in offices like auto attendants. 

Interactivity between VoIP and IoT-enabled devices also helps in automation. Whenever choosing a VoIP service provider keep in mind to have a closer look at the guide of their VoIP systems.

It will help you find how to leverage different VoIP plans to automate tasks and devices around your office through phone communication. VoIP providers should allow easy IoT integration and automation of software and devices in your workplace and remotely.

3. Streamline Workflow With IoT Sensors And VoIP

IoT sensors alone may not be important in a growth-oriented company. But integrating these sensors into a workplace and VoIP can help you automate all your workflow-related tasks on certain criteria. You can set the criteria according to your business needs.

Once the criteria are met, the IoT sensors leverage VoIP systems to make a call that will trigger a sequence of actions accordingly. You can use this integration for inventory management, product organisation or management of automated warehouses.

4. Smart Work Environment

The advancement in technology is constantly changing the way we do business, and it is also changing the way we communicate with our customers, clients and employees. Like the concept of IoT-driven smart homes, smart offices are also becoming popular. They have emerged due to the need to enhance the comfort and functionality of workplaces. 

The internet of things is a technology that allows business owners to create smart offices, and VoIP can complement IoT solutions in multiple ways. Since VoIP can easily integrate with IoT solutions, your employees can collaborate or interact using various IoT-enabled devices and VoIP phones in the office or remotely.

It means your employees can share information with each other no matter where they are and streamline their business processes.

5. Fuel Business Intelligence By Combining VoIP and IoT Data

It is important to note that VoIP systems and IOT can help you enhance your business intelligence service by combining data collection and processing.

VoIP phones have various advanced features, such as call reporting and analytics. At the same time, IoT systems can collect data from different areas of your business.

All departments of your business can benefit from vast amounts of data if IoT and VoIP are combined for data collection and management.

How Can VoIP And IoT Transform Businesses?

VoIP alone has brought numerous benefits to businesses, such as reducing calling costs while providing advanced features that improve flexibility and productivity. And by combining VoIP and IoT applications, businesses can get a competitive edge.

Here are some examples that can help you understand what your business can do by integrating VoIP with IoT: 

  • By using a VoIP device such as a mobile or laptop, users can adjust the temperature or lighting of their workplace and reserve their desk space.  
  • You can also connect your calendars to your VoIP devices to be notified about upcoming meetings. 
  • For users who need to travel frequently, connecting their devices to the internet can help them track down things and prevent losing their gadgets. In addition, with the help of cloud storage, they can prevent losing their important data. 
  • You can get notifications or alerts when any device needs maintenance or repair. 
  • Employees at different locations can share documents or files in any format using any device. 
  • Remote employees can connect their devices to any office equipment without the IT staff’s help. It helps them conveniently report to the branch office and saves them time. 
  • Employees can also connect their smart devices to search for available office parking spaces.

Conclusion - IoT with VoIP System

VoIP is an advanced communication system that significantly transforms businesses communication or collaboration. In contrast, IoT is an evolving technology creating new opportunities for business growth.

VoIP and IoT can work side by side to make your business future-proof. With this integration, your business can achieve results beyond your expectations. These technologies can take your business processes to the next level while providing convenience to your employees.

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