Best Small Business Phone System UK – Business Phone number

Best Small Business Phone System UK – Business Phone number
The functions and uses of a business phone system in all business sectors not only expanding but also continuing to revolve with the advanced technology. The unified communication system known for VoIP is one of the trending and growing technology around the world that are sure to make an impact on small businesses. The small business phone system not only used to make and receive calls but also being used for faxing, audio and video calling and instant messaging. According to research if employees are able to completely access their communication tool from on platform then it increases their productivity. The majority of employees believe that having a good small office telephone system helps them in achieving a better workflow and makes them a lot more productive.
Keeping that in mind there will be certainly an increase in the number of businesses which are going to adopt unified communications with a cloud phone system to increase the productivity among employees. Additionally, there are more and more businesses adopting the unified communications systems and there are new service providers entering the market to offer competitive plans. For instance, recently the company VoIP Business has launched a new tool for team messaging for enterprise organisations. Further, the company is working on to launch a unified specific app.

Every service provider is in an effort to sustain and jump ahead and to enhance its unified communications. In this article, we will discuss about the best business phone system provider in the UK and why should small and large businesses adopt a business VoIP system?

Why you Should Choose a Business phone system?

Communicating with customers is one of the most critical aspects of business and sales. If there is a dropped call or delay in response, then it can lead to poor communication quality and a waste of resources. Further, it can cause a loss of customers and potential leads. The Business phone system is designed to be the best solution for every issue that is mentioned above. It should not be surprising to know that the cloud VoIP system is not at all a new idea. It has existed for years however with the enhanced internet speed and more refined communication technology that is available nowadays there has been a large increase in the number of businesses that are adapting to the cloud phone system also called Internet-based phone services. Consequently, there is an increase in companies that provide cloud services across the world. Despite the status of a business whether it is a corporate giant or an enterprise the cost of adding a cloud phone system is barely a fraction of the advantages it provides.

Best business phone system provider in the UK

VoIP Business

The provider like VoIP Business offers its customers everything which small business would need in a phone system. Their small office telephone system is a cloud-hosted VoIP unified communication system and service does not need any costly PBX hardware or an expert IT staff for set up and maintenance. All the system needs are high-speed internet access and IP phones.

Company’s services is the most reliable as it offers a host of calling, mobile features, and collaborative tools. In addition, their customer support services have been rated high by their customers.

VoIP Business for Small Business UK

VoIP Business is specifically designed for a small office telephone system in the UK. Users can set up their system in just minutes, it doesn’t require any special and it is compatible with both IP and analogue phones.

VoIP Features include:

The Enterprise plan of VoIP business service includes a wide range of convenient features like an auto-receptionist, rings groups and voicemail to email, etc

  1. Call forwarding
  2. Voicemail
  3. Voicemail to Email
  4. SIP Trunking
  5. Call waiting
  6. Call queue

The Basic plan of VoIP business features for Small businesses include,

  1. Call recording
  2. Hot desk
  3. Music on hold
  4. Basic IVR
  5. Follow me
  6. Greetings

The phone system includes a lot of valuable features also Audio and Video HD conference calling. Also, it features a mobile app that allows workers to make and receive calls on their business phone lines.

Read more about detailed VoIP features.

How much VoIP business can be effective for businesses?

VoIP business provides the best business phone system which offers customers features and tools which a business would need to run a professional call centre. The company’s phone system provides flexible hosting options like cloud-based or on-site and service plans that is very easy to install and use. The company also provides numerous valuable supervisor tools which include the ability to listen in on agent’s calls.

Is VoIP Business is Cheapest among VoIP Providers?

Yes, VoIP business is purely designed for small businesses in the UK and has a flexible, reliable, and cheapest business communication system. The main features that provide by the VoIP Business are interactive voice recording, audio and video conferencing, call forwarding that supports with single VoIP phone number with multiple phone extension that comes up with a very affordable price. You can say the VoIP Business system is one of the cheapest and reliable business phone system in the UK.
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