Call Transfer

Control your incoming calls with call transfer. It is part of our telephony service and can be used regardless of any VoIpBusiness plans.

Flexibly Control All Incoming Calls

A call transfer service enables a user to relocate existing phone call to another user or phone. As part of a fully managed business phone system, this is a common feature used for a warm transfer, which announces the call to the person one is transferring the call to. Easily transfer any calls to another person on VoipBusiness.

The call transfer feature enables one to transfer a call to another internal extension or also to another external phone. There is an option to answer the call before transferring it or doing a cold transfer.

VoIP Business Call Queue

Essentially, call transfer can comprise of a variety of flexible ways to control your incoming calls. There are typically 4 services nested in a call transfer service, they are call forwarding, call divert, call hold and call waiting.

Call Transfer Scenario in PBX:

Cold transfer: Someone is calling, don’t want to pick up to answer. Just do a cold transfer by transferring the call directly to another user (internal extension) or on another external phone (landline or mobile). That meant that you didn’t have to answer it and did the transfer.

Warm transfer: Someone is calling, you pick up the phone to announce, hang on a second please, i’ll transfer to my colleague Jane. Even if the call wasn’t for you, you have been able to announce a message, some take a message too and then politely transfer the call to Jane – if Jane is not there or doesn’t want to speak, can still transfer the caller to voicemail.

Benefits of the Call Transfer feature?

Call forwarding allows inbound calls to be forward straight to other phones, at the office, home or anywhere else. It could also be forwarded to a voicemail.

Call divert allows the call to be diverted after the call has rung for a specified length of time, above the standard ruing time of 30 seconds

Call hold allows a user to put an existing call on hold – that means one is able to keep that call connected and at the same time initiate a call to another user so that the switch can happen between the two

Call waiting gives a user an alert that there is another incoming call whilst the user is already one a call

This feature enables your business to manage your time effectively with regards to call routing

Call Transfer FAQs:

This is included in our premium package, so if you are on Basic and Standard, you won’t have access to it. Not everyone needs the Find me/Follow me feature as it depends on how you conduct business.

If you’re doing flexible working or if your business embraces the flexible working element, then this Find me/Follow me call forwarding service is a must have – typically small and medium sized businesses tend to use this feature a lot.

Want to fully try our Call Transfer feature?

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