Presence – Busy Lamp Fields (BLF)

Give yourself a bird’s eye view of the working status of your team with the VoIP Business BLF feature. As an admin, you can sift through your employees’ current status, whether busy or free to accept calls

voip Presence-busy lamp fields

Checkout who is Available To Accept Calls

checkout who is available to accept calls

Proper work distribution among your team is the hall mark of your business’s success. Our Phone Presence feature provides real-time status of your team members.

Knowing who is free or ready to accept calls helps you divide your workload. Thus, BLP feature depicts who is busy and who is idle. Ideally, it helps an admin to find the right agents to accept customer’s calls. 

A blinking lamp tells if the agent is on any call or not. In that case, you can route customer calls to the relevant employee to entertain the your customers.

Presence Scenario In PBX

For an instant, there is an inbound phone call and the secretary picks it up. Now the person on the phone is asking for one of the three directors. Without Presence, there would be no way to find out which of the directors is actually on a call, or not busy or not at their desk. With Presence, she can actually check without asking the directors, and see who is available for her to transfer this call over.

This allows the caller to have a reduced waiting time as the secretary already knows who’s available and who’s not, so she can initiate the call transfer asap.

presence Scenario in PBX

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the statuses of my Busy Lamp Field?

One can have it as Free, Busy or Ringing which means either someone is not answering any calls, someone is on a call or someone is getting an inbound call but is not picking up.

Can I customise the colours of the Lamp Lights?

Generally, one would have green, red and orange that indicate available, busy and error. However, feel free to have all colours of the rainbow in there, you can customise as you wish.

Do I have to buy a Status Light for my phone or is it already on the phone equipment?

Your VoIP Business Phones will already have Status Lights, so there is no need to buy them separately; it’s included in our VoIP Business package. 

Can I further configure Presence?

Of course, one can restrict particular teams/departments in their businesses to use Presence. One can also enable BLF in such a way that other colleagues can pick up calls meant for a particular extension, if that person is away from their desks. It can also be configured to monitor presence data in teams so that they are aware of each other’s current status.

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