Hot Desking

Get a shared VoIP Business desk phone and use it wherever you want. It allows you to fully tap into flexible working and maintain productivity.

hot desking in VoIP business

Start Work Anywhere!

Start Work anywhere

Use Any Desk To Access Your Phone. Work Anywhere You Want.

VoIP Business offers the Hot Desking feature which allows your employees to remotely log in to a shared desk phone and use the phone like their own along with access to the voicemails, personal extensions and much more.

Hot Desking is a premium VoIP Business feature that enables the user to log into any phone on your system and deploy your user profile and settings (personal extension, saved settings, voicemail) onto that device (IP Phone).

Hot Desking The Perfect Option

Hot Desking is the perfect option for anyone who’s into flexible working as they can use any phone in each office and be fully connected. Employees feel empowered to work at different locations and pick up and make phone calls. By sharing resources and desk space the employees can make an efficient use of company space.

Hot Desking Scenario In PBX

In a shared office and co-working environment, when employees  log in to shared desk phones can make  it behaves like their own extension. They can make and receive calls, have the same privileges as per their user profiles set up by their company admin. That means they can also send messages and have access to other premium VoIP Business features.

Essentially, users can be logged in as guests. They can easily make/receive calls and access voicemail. Just in case, one can also make emergency calls (included by default in our cloud PBX).

Benefits Of Hot Desking For Phones Feature


Efficient Use Of Company Space

You can add new staff members without increasing physical footprint or cost.

Reduce Hardware Cost

This feature will help you decrease investment in facilities and other phone hardware costs.

Boost Productivity

This feature will help you decrease investment in facilities and other phone hardware costs.

Maintain Professionalism

Your employees can maintain their professionalism in co-working or shared office situations.

Provide Personalised Experience

Employees from different corporations can use the same phone system and desk whilst keeping their own numbers and voicemails.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I pay more for a phone to be enabled with Hot Desking?

No. The cost is the same.

Log out procedures – can I stay logged in forever?

Have default session timeouts, for example, if you were to use the hot desk for half a day, it would be 4/5 hrs, an admin can configure that for you or also log out if you send him a request.

Is it safe that I log in a different phone on a shared desk?

The VoIP Business Hot Desk extensions help your staff to get a customised, secure and suitable phone experience while traveling or working at a shared desk.

Is there an additional charge for hot desking?

No additional cost for those on our premium package.

Can I use an existing VoIPBusiness phone as a shared phone with Hot Desking?

Yes. If you have an existing phone which supports hot desking but is unassigned then an administrator can convert the phone into a shared phone from their VoIPBusiness account.

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