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Register your business’s location with us to use our VoIP emergency calling service. Free public emergency calls to E911, 999 and 112.

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Emergency Calls are accessible to all VoIP Business customers

Your safety is our priority; therefore, VoIP Business provides its customers with a safe and reliable means of communication in times of emergency.

After filling out the signup form, we will get to know your location where you will use VoIP Business. Hence, in case of emergency, you can call 999 through our service.

It’s good practice to tell the 999 or 112 agents the exact location because sometimes the emergency centre doesn’t have access to your registered number and address with VoIP Business.

Emergency Calls Scenario in PBX

DID brings some awesome benefits for your business’s customer care and marketing.
Let’s say, an established business outsources its marketing campaigns to some other country. It’s customers won’t call on foreign numbers, as they reside in the same country where the company exists. That’s why the company’s need DID local numbers for the marketing team to make the customers believe they are calling on local numbers. 

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Benefits of Call Monitoring Features

Flexible emergency calling

Our VoIP Business emergency calling comes with greater flexibility. Simply put, you can call 999 or 112 from anywhere, breaking the location barriers. Even when you are out of the country, you can report emergencies in your location from our emergency call service.

Ties a physical address

The best advantage of E999 service is that it ties a physical address to your IP phone numbers. Therefore, if a specific device which is configured with a number as its Caller ID then the device is also identifying the physical address of street which is excellent, if the endpoint has not changed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if a customer doesn’t access to basic 999 or E999?

If there are customers who do not have access to either of the services, then your call to 999 will be sent to the VoIP Business emergency call center. Then a professionally trained agent will ask for your name, contact number and address. The agent will then contact the local emergency center for the customer to send the help which is needed.

What if I use VoIP Business with more than one phone line?

You have to register physical location for each phone line where you use VoIP Business services. Also it is important to remember that if you change your device location then you need to register the new location as well. You just need to login to your account and follow the instructions given on the site.

What is the difference between 999 and E999?

When the traditional 999 is dialed the customers are connected to an emergency service provider. Which emergency provider is connected to you depends on your location. Once you are connected, you talk to an operator and tell your emergency situation. In enhanced 999 services the VoIP Business provides your phone number and address when your call arrives at the emergency services provider. This is extremely helpful in situations where the caller is not able to speak, or the caller doesn’t know their exact location. In these situations, the information is gathered from the databases that are maintained by the multiple local telephone companies. The number of the caller is used to map the exact address from the database through Automatic Location Identification (ALI).

Is this feature in the paid plans or in the free version as well?

This Emergency Calling feature is available to all users, regardless of free or paid plans. For us, we take emergency services very seriously and as such if a business puts and verifies their location in there, any user in your organisation is able to make free public emergency calls.

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