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Always know who is calling you and select a business number to let people know who is calling.

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VoIP Business Caller ID Feature

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  • Caller ID is a feature which transmits the number of the caller.

  • Whenever there is an incoming call, the VoIP Business caller ID feature identifies the number instantly and displays the individual or company’s name when the number matches a contact in your account.

  • It allows you to respond to missed calls with one tap. Simply, click on the caller name to call back and never miss a customer.

Caller ID Scenario in PBX

You just need to own the number, to get it verified, put the number in there to either receive a pin code via SMS or a phone call via the Cloud PBX, once you receive it, just verify, and here you go, that number that you own has now been validated as a number to be identified when you call someone, meaning it is now your CLID or Caller ID.

How does VoIP works

Benefits of the Call ID feature

Display Information

Caller ID will display the information for incoming calls whether it is your desk phone or Smartphone.

Name of Caller

You can see the name of the caller whether a person or company with help of Caller ID.


Received And Missed Calls

You can see the Caller ID information of received and missed calls. You can return any missed calls with just one click.

How does VoIP works

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