Call Waiting

Get notified when someone else is calling you whilst you’re on a call. With this VoIP feature, it makes waiting less disturbing and more practical.

Call waiting in Voip

Incoming Calls Via Call Waiting

incoming calls via call waiting

Call waiting is a feature in which you are notified of new incoming calls while you are already on a call. You will hear a short beep whenever there is an incoming call. When you use call waiting, the caller will not hear ta normal tone instead of a busy tone. 

You can continue receiving other calls while waiting for an important call. The feature allows you to place your current call on hold so you can receive an incoming call or let the incoming call go to voicemail. A tone will ring to indicate to the receiver that there is another incoming call.

Benefits of the Call Waiting feature

Quick Notifications

The feature notifies you of incoming calls when you are already on a call.


You are given the facility to request your caller to hold or send the incoming caller to voicemail.


One of the advantages of using call waiting is the better flexibility. It allows the users to receive calls from any number at their discretion..

Choice To Pick Up Call

It gives you the time to make a choice or let someone else take the call.

Call Waiting FAQs

What would be the receiver experience with Call waiting?

The receiver has multiple options when they hear the call waiting for a beep, indicating a new incoming call. The receiver can choose to answer, ignore or reject the call new call. To answer the second call, the receiver will have to decide on what they want to do with the call they are on. The receiver can end the existing call or place it on hold.

If I don’t answer the second incoming call, will the call go to voicemail?

Yes, with the call waiting feature, you hear a short tone. After you hear the tone, you will get 30 to 35s to answer the incoming call. If you don’t answer, the second caller will hear a specific message or get transferred to your Voice Mailbox.

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