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VoIP Business call routing allows customers and team members to reach an employee on any device with an internet connection, freeing them from their landlines so they can do business in the field.

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Easily Implement VoIP Call Routing Service

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Call routing is a feature that allows a set of predetermined rules to effectively make calls flow in the organisation. Our hosted PBX allows Call Routing to work on many different levels.

VoIP Business allows you to route the incoming calls to specific users on the basis of a pre-established criteria, for example, the time of the day.

It is easy to use and allows different routes to be used, without the need for IT assistance.

Call Routing Scenarios

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Time-Based Routing

With time based call routing the incoming calls are routed to the agents based on the time of the day. It is beneficial for the businesses that aim to provide 24 hours a day service. For instance, businesses that have companies all over the country, may route a call to the office in west coast during the hours in which east coast office if not available. In case both coasts offices are closed, then the calls will be routed to a 24 hour call center.

Skills-Based Routing

There are businesses that want to use the routing method through which the call is routed to the most qualified and experienced agent available. VoIP Business can help a company route calls to the person who is a specialist. There are multiple factors which can help decide which agent is most qualified such as, product knowledge. Sell more efficiently and experience the synergy affect this way.  

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Benefits of Call Monitoring Features

Optimise The Cost

The feature helps you optimise the cost of human resources by using every worker/agent/user as resourcefully as possible.

Route To Agent

This feature can help you make sure that every incoming call is routed to the agent who is available rather than it going to voicemail.


Eliminate Losses

You can also eliminate losses of profits that can occur from lost calls. It can also help you maximise the conversion rates.

Speak To Live Agent

With call routing you can make sure that all your clients get to speak to live agents throughout the working hours.

No Need Of Receptionist

You can eliminate the need for a receptionist to direct your calls to the department or to agents.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes a call to be routed?

There are several reasons which can cause a call routing such as the time of the day, customer’s preference of language or department, the call volume etc.

Can I customise the call routing feature?

Yes, you can customise according to your preference from your online profile. You can create detailed instructions regarding calls such as what class of callers should reach you at a particular point of time

Are the incoming calls routed to any available agent?

All incoming calls are routed to available agents or to an agent who has enabled the call forwarding feature. This will be done in priority set for the agents. However, first the available agents are picked then the agents with call forwarding enabled.

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