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Never lose any calls with this Call Hold feature. Increase customer retention and also improve inbound call customer experience with call holding.

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VoIP Business provides the Call hold feature as part of Telephony package. It helps the employees in placing a call on hold without losing the call. Through this feature you can receive calls when you are available. When a caller is put on hold, the caller cannot communicate to the employee.

A pre-recorded message or music can be played when the call is on hold. With call hold the employee has the freedom to consult other employees or can perform other important tasks during call hold.

Call Hold Scenario in PBX

There is an inbound call for user Y. He picks up the phone and tries to answer the questions put by the caller. However, he needs more time to check the right information on the computer and also consult with his colleague just around the corner, so he uses the Call Hold feature to place that caller on hold for some time until he finds the right answer.

The caller in the meantime gets to listen to a cracking call hold music, well you can customise that as well in VoIP Business Sound Library. Upon finding the right information for the caller, user Y resumes the call, therefore ending the call hold.

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Benefits of the Call Hold Feature

Retain customers

Retain your customers and never lose them with the call-hold. It keeps your hasty customers on call because they expect to hear back from you once the call hold ends.

Route To Agent

This tool helps steer the conversations in the right direction. It can help in clarifying details, giving diplomacy in difficult situations.


Eliminate Losses

Intimate your customer to wait while their work is in process with the call hold. It keeps the customers on the call and may help you resolve their problems steadily, keeping them intact.

Call Hold FAQs:

Through Call Hold, what the caller experiences?

The majority of clients judge your business based on the experience they have when they contact your company whether in person or on call. This feature allows your customers to have a pleasant experience of calling as it allows you to play recordings, many and other professional messages.

Does Call Hold have negative effect on sales?

VoIPBusiness understands that the first few minutes with a customer are critical as it creates a perception of your company in the callers’ mind. It has been a proven fact that when callers hear an informative, pleasing greeting whilst their Call is on hold, they probably feel reassured that they called a trustworthy business.

Can I customise a message to play during Call Hold?

Yes, VoIPBusiness allows you to give your audience something interesting to listen and attract their attention. This shows customers that they are valued. Any interesting information given can awake curiosity in the customers. If the customers have something interesting to listen to then they will hold the call for longer and won’t be frustrated.

How is this feature a marketing solution?

Call Hold allows you to play a customised message to your customers which can motivate them about your business. It helps in engaging the customers with music or messages rather than dead silence.

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