What Is Professional Voicemail Greeting : How You Can Create One?

Professional Voicemail Greeting

A professional voicemail greeting is an important communication tool in a business phone system, allowing you to connect with clients even when absent. If it is a part of your communication strategy, it can make a good impression and increase the chances that a client leaves a message or calls back.

If you want to create a professional voicemail greeting, it is important to know how to create an effective one. No matter the size and type of your business, you must have a voicemail setup. 

In this article, we will discuss what a professional voicemail greeting is. Why do you need one, and what information must you include in the voicemail?

What Is A Professional Voicemail Greeting?

A business voicemail greeting is a recording that informs your prospective clients and potential customers that you are currently not available. Having a professional voicemail greeting is incredibly advantageous, particularly in customer-focused sectors like retail.

Typically concise, these greetings provide essential details such as the individual’s name and contact information. Additionally, they may indicate when the person will be available to return the call and prompt the caller to leave a message or try again later.

What Is The Importance Of Professional Voicemail Greeting?

A voicemail greeting is important because it can help you make a good first impression and increase your credibility. It is because a voicemail generates a professional response and leaves the client on a positive note. It will provide a similar response to your client when calling your workplace. In addition, a professional also supports your credentials by detailing the name and information about the company, which is crucial if you want your clients to feel comfortable disclosing information through a voicemail.

It is difficult to make and manage calls during peak hours when there is a high call volume, so a voicemail helps you reach those customers who were unable to connect at that time.

Customer experience is of great importance for businesses, and voicemail helps you show your customers that they are your priority and that you also plan to reach out to them to solve their queries. Thus it encourages your clients to make a strong relationship with you.

On the other hand, when a message leaves recruiters or business partners feeling ignored, they may be less inclined to pursue further communication. It is crucial to include a call to action in your message to demonstrate the value you place on your connections and exhibit your competence in providing contact information. By doing so, you encourage recipients to take action and foster a stronger relationship with them.

Which Elements Should Include In Your Greeting?

Voicemail greetings vary depending on the type of business and its clients. So, including certain elements can improve your chances of getting a return phone call from your prospects.

Here are some instructions you must follow when creating a professional voicemail greeting :

1. Use The Right Tone

The tone of your professional voicemail must align with the outlook of your business, as some companies may be more conservative than others. For instance, a sales company may use a more personalized tone when communicating with customers.

While infusing some personality into your message is appropriate, it’s advisable to exercise restraint in using personal touches and humour, particularly if you work for a senior corporate business.

If you’re uncertain about the approach to take, it’s best to consult with your manager for guidance.

2. Your Name and Title

It is important to add your name and company in your voicemail greeting. It helps callers to verify that they have the correct contact information. It can also help you to look professional and reassure your credentials.

You must place your name first, then the company you work for, and you can also add your job title if you want.

3. Include A Greeting

It is always better to start a voicemail positively with some simple greetings. It makes you sound friendly and approachable to your clients. Some companies start with a simple ‘Hi’ while others may thank the person for calling.

Reason For Temporary Unavailability

It is reassuring for clients to know that this phone is active and you are temporarily unavailable. So, a brief explanation, such as being in a meeting or on holiday, is sufficient.

In case of a significant event causing unavailability during business hours, inform the caller and provide an estimated availability time.

i. Alternative Contact details

One better way to allow your clients to reach you is through an alternate option. You can disclose this information in your voicemail greetings.

For example, your customers or clients may get a quicker response by sending an email or calling the front desk at the company. It is also important to mention your office hours so that they know the best time to follow up on their call.

ii. Call To Action

The call to action you choose depends on the mode of communication that you find best for you, and it is also outlined in your alternative contact details. If you state that an individual should reach out to you through email, your call to action should be like “Please send an email to [email protected]’.

By doing this, you indicate to the caller that you want to maintain communication with them and encourage them to act accordingly.

Example Of Professional Voicemail Greetings

A voicemail informs customers that you are currently unavailable and assures them that you value their call by prompting them to contact you again. We already described above that phrasing a voicemail greeting varies with the type of company and the situation. Here we are describing some examples of voicemail greetings that can help you in creating one for your greeting:

  • Hey, thanks for calling. You have reached Emilia Sands, sales manager at Craftive 101. I am currently on leave and plan to return on 1st June. I am sorry for the inconvenience caused. Contact assistant manager Oliver Ben on 2214 567 8910 if you need urgent assistance.
  • Hi, thank you for calling. You have reached Jemma Hewitt at Sports Initiate. I am temporarily unavailable, but you can leave your name and number, and I will get back to you as soon as I return.
  • Thank you for reaching out, and I am sorry for missing your call. You have reached William Keith at the Brewery. My office phone number is 0123 231 1232. Please call me on this number. Thank you, and have a good day.
  • Hello, thank you for calling. You have reached Jones Jed, and sorry I am currently away from my desk. My office timing is 8 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday. Leave your name, and I will call you back soon.
  • Hi, this is Frank Hewitt, marketing manager at Open Arena. I am sorry for not answering your call right now. Please leave your name, number and a little detail about your reason for calling. I will get back to you soon. Alternatively, you can email me at [email protected] for a quicker response.
  • Thanks for calling Shawn Potter at the Electrics company. Unfortunately, I can not pick up the call right now. Please leave your name and number so I can return your call when I return. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Hi, you have reached (business name). If you want information about (topic name), check out our company website or Facebook page. If you need to know about Topic B, look at page C of our website or see a related video on our YouTube channel. If you still have any questions, leave your name and number we will call you as soon as possible.
  • Hello, you have reached customer support at the electric company. We are available on the phone from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday. You can also contact us through live chat on our website [URL] or email us [email address]. If you want us to call you back, leave your name and number after the beep.

Voicemail created in the right way can help you in building customer relationships. So it is essential to record the voicemail professionally and return calls as soon as possible or within the time you mentioned in the message.

How Does A Professional Voicemail Greeting Help Your Business?

Here are a few benefits of a quality voicemail greeting that will help you understand how it can help your business:

It Saves Time Of Customers

In the era of digital communication, individuals prefer exchanging messages as it allows for fast communication. However, by setting up a personalized voicemail greeting, you can provide them with an alternative option to convey their queries without waiting in a queue or making repeated calls.

Assure Accuracy

With the help of voicemail, you can ensure that each concern is addressed by a qualified representative, minimizing the need to reiterate the same problem repeatedly.

Additionally, voicemail messages reduce the possibility of misinterpretations and enable agents to prepare for a follow-up adequately. With a prompt but effective callback, you can significantly enhance business relationships.

You can also use the automatic callback feature to reduce the call abandonment rate.

Indicates that You Care

A captivating voicemail greeting conveys that your callers’ concerns are valuable to you, despite your current engagement with another call. Assuring them that you will respond immediately encourages customers to remain loyal to your business.

Assist In Miss Call Management

Voicemail messages help prioritise urgent cases that require immediate attention from those that can wait. It’s worth noting that customers or potential leads who take the time to leave a voicemail message have shown a greater level of interest in your services. As a result, prioritizing them can potentially yield greater profits for your business.

Tips For Generating Effective Voicemail Greeting

Here we are describing some general guidelines that you can follow to create a successful voicemail greeting easily:

1. Make A Short Greeting

Creating brief and clear voicemail greetings, lasting between 5 to 30 seconds, is crucial to provide the necessary information promptly. Short voicemail messages can also prevent callers from hanging up halfway through, which is vital in maintaining effective communication.

2. Keep Yourself Self Assured

It is essential to sound confident when recording a professional greeting to convey a clear and effective message. Practising your message beforehand can help you feel more at ease with its delivery.

3. Motivate the Caller into Action

Give your business partner or prospective customers why they need to listen to your voicemail greeting and stay on the call. So create a greeting that makes them want to wait for their turn to speak.

Conclusion - Professional Voicemail Greeting

A professional voicemail greeting is an important aspect of communication in today’s business world. It provides a first impression of your professionalism and sets the tone for your future communication with clients and colleagues.

Creating an effective professional voicemail greeting can be achieved by following a few simple steps: greeting the caller, identifying yourself, stating the purpose of the call, and providing instructions on what the caller should do next. By crafting a well-thought-out voicemail greeting, you can ensure that your message is received most effectively and that your business is represented in the best possible light.

Remember, your voicemail greeting is often the first point of contact for potential clients or customers, so take the time to create one that truly reflects your professionalism and expertise.

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