Voip Business Telephone Numbers

Choose UK & International telephone number or virtual phone number. VoIP Business allows to make free, or low rates, Phone calls over the Internet.

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Block of
Phone Numbers

Get phone numbers with aby area code, also available in blocks of 3 and 10.

Keep Your Existing Phone Number

Port your phone number easily to VoIP Business.

From Around the World

Order block of phone numbers from around the world.

Phone Numbers Of Your Choice


Phone Numbers

Get 0207, 0208 and 0203 phone numbers for your business.

London Telephone Numbers

Get all the features of a UK local phone number, choose different cities.


Phone Numbers

Virtual phone numbers allow you to have a virtual presence anywhere in the country.

03 Telephone Numbers

3 phone numbers are non-geographic and tend to be UK-wide national numbers.



The Freephone 0800 numbers give your business customer-friendly free-to-call image.



Now you can go global with phone numbers in different locations.

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