Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction

     Following terms and conditions apply to all individuals, businesses or any entity subscribing to or buying the products and services of VoIP Business.

2. Definitions

  • “VoIP Business ” is the company providing and operating these products and services.
  • “Services and Products” are the products and services offered and described on our website.
  • “Customer” is the person or persons, business or businesses who have registered with VoIP Business.
  • “Website” is our presence on the internet under https:// which is available to the public.
  • “Account” is the record of transactions which are applicable to all users related to VoIP Business.
  • “Legislation” means the regulations or laws governing the delivery of products or services between VoIP Business and the registered users.
  • ” Affiliates or Registered Partners” are all associated businesses or persons appointed by VoIP Business to distribute our products or services to end-users.
  • “Acceptable Use Policy” all the guidelines provided by VoIP Business for acceptable use. All these guidelines are shown separately on the VoIP Business website but might change from time to time. Also, it is available on request.

3. General Provisions

     a)        Provision of Service

The provider of these services is VoIP Business. We aim to provide you VoIP services without any interruption, distortion or delays. However, sometimes the services might become unavailable without any notice because of system maintenance or failure. In case the service is unavailable there is no liability accepted, nor any compensation is offered. All the products and services are provided according to these terms and conditions, acceptable use policy or any applicable law existing occasionally. 

Note that the terms and conditions posted on the VoIP Business website shall replace all the previous terms and conditions. By getting our VoIP phone services you will understand that:

  1. You might not get reliability or quality comparable to a traditional PSTN phone and particularly, VoIP Business doesn’t provide any warranty or assurance of same.
  2. Sometimes the service might be unavailable because of things over which VoIP Business have no control such as power disruptions, the weather and internet failure and you understand that in such situations all services including emergency call services will be unavailable as well. 
  3. Connectivity to the emergency services is subject to 3.2 mentioned above and the location and phone number might have to be verbally provided to the operator. 
  4. Emergency authorities and operators might or might not be able to recognise your number to call you back in case the call is unable to be finished, is disconnected or dropped, or if you can’t speak to tell your number or if the services are not operated for any reason, emergency authorities and operators might not be able to hold your line open so that you can hang up.
  5. If VoIP Business terminates or suspends its services, then you might NOT be able to dial 999/211. In case you don’t have any credit in your VoIP Business account, you still will be able to dial 999/211. 
  6. You agree to inform all possible users of the above limitations of the services and you understand and accept that you always should have an alternative means to access emergency services.
  7. Inbound fax services might not always be available nor compatible with all send fax hardware. 
  8. In quite limited situations, where a certain type of non-voice associated service is on the line, you might not be able to port your phone number away from VoIP Business and where it’s possible, a porting charge might be made by VoIP Business.
  9. The outbound fax services might not be compatible with all types of documents.
  10. Customers represent and warrant that they have all the necessary rights, licenses, permissions and consents which are needed to allow VoIP Business to use customer’s content for the purpose of the provision of the service by VoIP Business and otherwise to use customer’s content considered by the services and these terms. Customers will hold complete responsibility for any potential copyright infringement associated with any content stored and used by them within services which are provided to the customers by VoIP Business.
  11. If your VoIP Business account or phone number gets suspended or terminated for any reason you might not be able to use VoIP remaining credit. There will be no refund of the unused VoIP credit. Nor will it be assigned against unsettled invoices or used as payment for services.
  12. All new customer accounts might be subject to a security review during which some features might have limited functionality.
  13. After the completion of registration and acceptance of all these terms and conditions, VoIP Business will provide you a user ID, a password, and/or PIN and phone number. You will be responsible for maintaining the secrecy of your PIN and password and you will always be responsible for all activities and transactions that happen as a result of your disclosure of such PIN and/or password, even if such activities and/or transactions were not authorised by you. You will be completely liable for any activities or transactions which occur on your Account. You shall notify VoIP Business immediately if any unauthorised use of your Account or any other security breach occurs. In no event, VoIP Business is liable for any unauthorised use of your Account.

4. Payment

In exchange for the products and service provided, VoIP Business will accept debit and credit cards. The different types of acceptable cards can be seen on the website. All customers must warrant that they are the legal owner of the debit or credit card used to purchase products or services of VoIP Business; that the card carries a valid card number; the expiration date is subsequent to the date of use and there is a valid security code on the back of the provided card. All customers are hereby notified that any improper use of debit or credit card can be a criminal offence. It is noted that all customers’ payments are automated. One your card statement a purchase made on VoIP Business will be shown as VoIP

5. Billing

Customers will have to pay a sum equal to one month’s service fee for the aggregate of the user account and other requested services. VoIP Business possesses the right to manually bill services after they have been provided. Customer’s credit card will be charged after the free trial period for the first month of use. After the initial payment, the customer’s credit card will be charged automatically on the first day of the subsequent months for use of services, until you cancel the subscription. If you buy services after the 19th day of the month, you will be charged for the time left in the month, along with the full amount of the subsequent month. United Kingdom VAT is applicable to all charges for products and services for customers based in the UK and EU without a VAT number.

6. Duration and Cancellation

You have the choice of cancelling your subscription at any time. Customers who believe that they were charged incorrectly can contact VoIP Business within 10 days to get a refund. If there is an error to be found, then VoIP Business will make an instant non-cash credit to the specific user’s account. 

Accounts which remain inactive will be terminated automatically, if there is no activity on the VoIP Business account for a period of 180 days. However, VoIP Business will send an email to those customers 10 days before the end of the 180 days period reminding them of the imminent action. All the subscription payment is one month in advance and is non-refundable.

7. Termination

VoIP Business can terminate a customer’s subscription at any time, upon a written notice through email, post or SMS if you:

  1. breach any of these terms and conditions or the acceptable use policy are subject to insolvency procedures. 
  2.  If customers refuse to conform with any of VoIP Business’s prescribed means of interacting with VoIP Business, which might change from time to time to account for VoIP Business working practices, such as submitting support through a support ticket.
  3. If VoIP Business considers your interaction or behaviour with any member of the VoIP Business team to be abusive or inappropriate. In such circumstances, the final decision rests with VoIP Business without burden of evidence. 
  4.  On suspension or termination of services VoIP Business will be entitled to block any service delivered to you or hosted for you immediately as part the services and to delete all the data located on it. VoIP Business is also entitled to erase all such data but VoIP Business might, at its discretion, hold that data for a period as VoIP Business might decide, enabling you to gather it at your expense, subject to payment in full of any outstanding amount payable to VoIP Business. VoIP Business can further be authorised to post such notice regarding the non-availability of such websites as VoIP Business thinks fit.

8. Network Maintenance

  1. VoIP Business reserves the right to change our Network, system or directing configurations. Nothing in the terms and conditions will create or consign in you any title, right or interest in a service, its configurations or all related phone numbers or addresses provided by us. We might, at our sole discretion and without accountability, modify or change the functionalities and features of a service or replace or modify any software or hardware in the network or in the equipment used to deliver services over the network if this doesn’t have an adverse impact on the committed service.
  2. In case your traffic is impacting our network negatively, we might temporarily stop our services to assess what is causing the impact. VoIP Business reserves the right to suspend services without prior notification.
  3. We might make emergency or scheduled maintenance to maintain or change network or any network terminating equipment, upon such notice as is reasonably practicable under the circumstances, which is owned by VoIP Business or our providers and installed at your site to allow you to use the services. 

9. Limitation of Liability and Disclaimer

VoIP Business will always aim to supply you with reliable services. It has to be understood, but the service might be disrupted or affected by weather, failure of the user’s internet service provider, criminal acts, service termination, hardware faults, and other disruptions. In no circumstances shall VoIP Business, its directors, offices, partners, agents, employees, resellers or affiliates be held accountable for direct, punitive, incidental, indirect, exemplary or substantial damages, loss of internet services, loss of profits or damages caused because of the service, software programs or hardware.

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