Setup a User Account

Setup a User Account

Setup a User Account

What can I do as a User?

Once your user account is created by the administrator  you can log in to the VoIP Business application. This way you can access all the available services and features available in your account.

How to set up a user account?

To set up a user account you must have administrator access. After logging in to your VoIP Business account follow the steps below:

Go to settings and click on the user.

A list of added users will popup -> Click on the name of a user to set up an account. 

Fill in the required fields including extension, name, email and password.  

  • You can also change the password of a user from here.  

You can assign a number or team to a user and also add a profile picture to the user account. 

Here is the Video Process to create user account in VoIP Business.

You’ve successfully set up a user account!

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