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How to purchase a number?

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How to purchase a number?

To purchase and add numbers to your VoIP Business account, you need to have administrator access.

You can purchase a number for your account by following these simple steps.

  • Log in to your VoIPBusiness Online account.
  • Follow the navigation below:

Go to the administrator setting 🡪 Click on numbers 


Click on add numbers where you will find the option for Purchase number 🡪 Click on Purchase Number



Here you will select a country of your choice 🡪 Then you will select the type of number you want to purchase



Choose a number from the list of various numbers given 🡪 click on done 



After choosing your number select an address type for use, you can either use the given address or manually add a new address 🡪 at the end click on done.



Now you’re ready to start adding numbers to your account!


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